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Musical Monday: Purple Rain

Monday, April 7, 2014

Good morning, my lovelies!  We moved Shanley Belle into a darling little cottage one block off campus over the weekend….in the rain….  Not the best time for moving!  We have had tons of rain lately, and some spots in our area received over seven inches of rain overnight!  Due to the flash flooding, most schools in our area are on a two hour delay schedule. What a way to start the week!!!  :/

In honor of all the rain we've been having, I've been listening to Prince's Purple Rain.  I remember the album was played constantly in my sorority house…..I think Suzanne Stringer is the one who played it all the time!

There is a long introduction to the song, and the eighties styles are hilarious!

Purple Rain lyrics

I never meant to cause you any sorrow. 
I never meant to cause you any pain. 
I only wanted to one time see you laughing. 
I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain. 

Purple rain, purple rain. 
Purple rain, purple rain. 
Purple rain, purple rain.

I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain. 
I never wanted to be your weekend lover. 
I only wanted to be some kind of friend. 
Baby I could never steal you from another. 
It's such a shame our friendship had to end. 

Purple rain, purple rain. 
Purple rain, purple rain. 
Purple rain, purple rain. 

I only wanted to see you underneath the purple rain. 
Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing. 
It's time we all reach out for something new, 
That means you too. 

You say you want a leader, 
But you can't seem to make up your mind. 
I think you better close it, 
And let me guide you to the purple rain. 

Purple rain, purple rain. 
Purple rain, purple rain. 

If you know what I'm singing about up here. 
C'mon raise your hand. 

Purple rain, purple rain. 
I only want to see you, only want to see you.

Now let's switch gears from Purple Rain to the Reign of Purple!

I am really trying to appreciate Pantone's color of the year:  Radiant Orchid. But I'm finding it very difficult….

Believe it or not, I like it in cosmetics best of all.  Sephora has a nice line of Radiant Orchid make-up:

Purple hair is pretty, but hard to maintain.  

I really think her hair is stunning!

I've seen a few pretty dresses, too.  One was a Versace, and of course I couldn't find it when I was writing this post, darn it.

I did find a few interiors I liked using radiant orchid, but in general I don't like this color used in interior design.

I do like the black and white with the bold orchid in this dining area.

I love everything about this room, especially the ombre walls!

Unsure of origin
The pop of purple is pretty with neutrals.

Cynthia Rowley's dining room is fun!

Individually I don't like any of the elements in this room, but together they're pure genius!

Have you embraced radiant orchid yet?

What music have you been listening to lately???

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Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. I have bright blue eyes....maybe I should try that hair color! lol I'm kidding of course. I'm FREE and won't color it again! I do have some nail polish in this color. I'm listening to the hum of the ceiling fan today! Enjoy your afternoon sweet friend! Hugs!

  2. Orchid is such a beautiful color. Just love your pictures and that lipstick! It's raining here today too, by the way...

  3. Oh the ombre!!!! My kitchen is DARK purple, no orchid here. I was listening to my ansgty 80's cd and some Purple Rain over the weekend!

  4. Oh Prince -- didn't everyone look kind of silly in that video? Best of luck to Shanley Belle in her new apartment.

  5. I hope the weather clears. I love those purple metal chairs, the ombre wall, and the last photo. I like it, but it would have to be in accessories, because I would tire of it. So... My tomato cages are that color. It looks good with green and of course fine in the desert. xoxo

  6. I have some orchid iris blooming in my garden, but don't use the color in the house. Purple hair…….that would be a sight! '-)

  7. Love Prince!! Remember when he did the Superbowl a few years ago? The kids weren't even sure who he was but we were. :)

  8. Oh, I still have that album! I loved that song, it may be my favorite song of his. The one lady with the purple hair and beautiful blue eyes...wowzers! B E A U T I F U L!!!

  9. That will be so fun for her in an apartment. I remember moving my daughter into her apartment. Oh, the girl that cuts my hair has pinky purple hair and I love it. ....on her.

  10. Love the orchid color, lipstick, fabric, dresses, but not a hair color, for me anyway. I remember the song too although I haven’t listened to it in a while. I love listening to anything on my car radio on the Coffee House station............
    I hope you didn’t need a rowboat for transporting Shanley Belle’s things over the weekend. I think it will be a while before we dry out..........


  11. I lovveeee Prince. Especially Diamonds & Pearls!!!

  12. Wonderful post! I love the color, love the hair. I wish I could do this to my own hair, although people probably thing I am loony enough. If I were still a single lady, that last photo would probably be my LR. I do occasionally paint my nails that color, if that counts?

  13. wow, what a fun post!
    love how the color pops no matter where it's used.
    my hair was dark blue a couple of years ago:)...maybe I'll try this one.

  14. OMG Prince! Thanks for playing, love it!

    I am dying over that color, especially the hair! I want!

  15. LOVE! prince is my fave. I have seen him 4 times and still think he is sexy even for a short guy:) I already knew all the words to purple rain lol!

  16. I'm having a hard time with the orchid color, too. It's a pretty color, but not really the right purple for me to wear. I like the idea of little accent pops in the home. Like those dining chair above.

  17. LOVE this post. Purple, or rather lilac/lavender is one of my favourite colours. I don't think I'd do the purple hair, but I have a similar colour lipstick :D


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