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Hi! It's *me*….{Finlay} #1

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

 photo ca8dfe27-3a5f-4de9-9894-431ccb5c4ade.jpg

Hello!  My name is Finlay, and I will be writing guest posts on my Mommie RJ's blog from time to time.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I'm originally from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I'm a Glen Brittle Westie, and I was adopted by a family in Alabama.  It rains here in Alabama a lot, and I've been a little confused about where to pee, but I'm trying.

I have lots of toys, and I like to play with them in the sun.  There hasn't been much sun in Alabama so far.

 photo 8ccef805-6ef8-4c5e-846a-58d72fba87a7.jpg
 photo 67dff3bc-b701-420a-b47a-274da4979534.jpg

For a few days, I had one ear up and one ear down.  It looked like I was waving at people!  But Mommie RJ received some great advice, and now, voila!  No worries.  Both ears are up!

 photo 3b4e6b4e-4350-4297-90ec-711e7330d589.jpg
 photo d830e483-e5c5-4c80-b711-caaf8ef78e47.jpg

I have some Westie friends in Maryland named Derby and Julep.  

Their Mama Katie sent me a very large care package:

 photo 6a3b0f9a-826b-4429-8ef0-f53d51fd0830.jpg

I got some toys, a neat halter, some stinky fish stuff (Sea Cure), and my Mommie RJ got some stuff to read about Westies.  One of the books has Glen Brittle Westies in it!  We were so happy to get the nice package. Thank-you Miss Katie!   I like getting stuff in the mail!

 photo ce8bb83a-fb37-4ec1-bb5a-e37c117714d5.jpg
Shelley helping me open the package

 photo cb175244-60a5-4dfb-bc76-cc98645641d3.jpg
I like toys, too!

My Mommie RJ puts me in a bucket carseat.  I don't like it!

 photo 49f66337-195e-4bc7-97f8-4143d7b7c0a3.jpg
 photo 81ce2f20-a0f4-4c0b-ba7a-b57cfe624058.jpg
I must needs escape this bucket o' doom!

My bed is under Mommie RJ's desk.  I like my soft bed and my soft blankie that Mimi gave me!

 photo cb145178-1fcf-460e-8205-89f621ede659.jpg

My likes:

Westie videos on YouTube

My Dislikes:

my crate
baby gates

Thank-you, Finlay!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. So cute!! So so cute!

    I can just hear his thoughts about the bucket of doom. :)

  2. oh my gosh my heart hurts with love, what a darlin', pure sweetness!!!!

  3. Well, hello Finlay and it's so nice to meet you. You are such a pretty little Westie and I'm sure you'll figure out really soon where you need to pee pee. In the mean time just keep playing with your toys and giving you mommy RJ and the family lots of love and kisses and all will be just fine.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. What a darling little face! What an absolute cutie pie!

  5. So happy you have another puppy RJ! Sweet Finlay, looking forward to seeing more of you...

  6. Fozzie seems to be packing and trying to see if he can fit in the box!

  7. You are a cutie and I look forward to reading your posts here, when your mom lets you post.

  8. Good evening Finlay!! You are a precious little person with a lot of personality - I can tell! I have a Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler mixed named Bella. She kinda runs our home. But, I guess that's what you sweet things are suppose to do. Tell Mom I am her newest follower.


  9. Oh Finlay, I enjoyed your post today and I love your cute little face

  10. are quite the blogger. I'll look forward to future posts by you telling all about your life! Give your new Momma....lots of kisses!

  11. OMGOSH! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!!!!!!!! xo Diana

  12. Finlay, your are definitely a cutie! You are one lucky Westie to get to live in Alabama with your new family. Our Sadie is older than you, but I think the two of you would be good friends.

  13. What a little cutie-I love the ears! Enjoy that sweet little bundle of white.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  14. What a cutie pie you are Fin! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon! Be a good boy for your mom!

  15. Oh Finlay! You're going to bring us all so much joy! I sure hope you don't get spoiled though! hahaha! Sending you some dog smoochies and HUGS! Have FUN!

  16. I see Finlay's ears have stood up. He looks just like our Fergus!! Enjoy!!

  17. Just catching up on my blog reading - am glad the box was a big hit with Puppy F and Mommy RJ.

    He is one cute westie! Hugs, Katie

  18. Hi Finlay! I read your post while I was with my family in Des Moines on Wednesday. I could not comment on my Nook for some odd reason. I just wanted to let you know, your post was a very bright spot on that very sad day. Thank you and give your Mommy RJ a big kiss for all the love the two of you have shown in this post.

  19. Oh my goodness. What a precious little guy. I know they aren't supposed to do that, but that floppy ear sure was cute.

  20. Omg Finlay, you are aDorabLe!!!!!!!!
    I have a "herd" of little dogs and I've said "No more!"
    My house is full but boy, I kinda wish I had a Westie too!
    You are so stinkin' CUTE!

  21. Welcome to blogland, Finlay! I sure hope you get more sun than rain, soon. Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, and sharing your adorable selfies. :)


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