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Fresh Cut Friday: April Daisies

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 photo 7708eae5-3fc1-4947-90b6-12b8dab2ab6c.jpg

I love daisies.  They remind me of my oldest daughter because they're her very favorite flower.  I was happy when Liz picked daisies for April's flower!

Step into our dining room.  It's time for breakfast!

 photo 069bde77-c9ff-4e63-bcb7-ab6e57d1fde1.jpg
 photo a1bacf30-cbdd-4b38-85d2-87dcd53a38f7.jpg

The table is all set….have a seat!

 photo 426fb775-5318-4955-898c-40a445315b85.jpg
 photo 93ea6f10-9593-4c8a-9694-a82c972be804.jpg

Daisies on the placemats…

 photo 0f3192a6-5f47-430b-8a00-0252de17d49c.jpg

…and on the coffee cozy.

 photo 5823f645-4edb-48a7-aa2f-b07e61dab550.jpg

Do you want to know what's for breakfast?

 photo 55821728-854b-48b1-be96-67e6a1be1e48.jpg
Breakfast.  Is.  Served!  ;P

 photo b930222a-3977-427f-b6fd-2135f8418e55.jpg

Join Liz @ Rose Vignettes for Fresh Cut Friday!

Until next time…

Ricki Jill


  1. Daisies are delightful! This table is the perfect way to make sure the day starts off a happy time.

  2. So pretty and festive even though it is Chex. xoxo

  3. You've really escalated cereal's game with that table!

  4. I love the arrangement and the breakfast tablescape is the fanciest I have seen for cereal. Bahahaha I LOVE IT! How special everyone must feel with you as their Mom and Spouse.

  5. Daisies are such friendly flowers! And do you have any Special K for me? lol Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

  6. I love daisies too. The gerberas are so pretty, but I find the regular kind last much longer.

  7. Yum! Chocolate and Chex? Seriously? I had no idea! :) I love you sweet little breakfast bouquet.
    Thanks for sharing at Fresh-Cut Friday! :)

  8. So pretty! Love the daisies & your table! I don't think I ever noticed your chandy...I love that, too.

  9. Beautiful, cheery daisies, Ricki Jill, and they look so lovely in your bright and happy kitchen! I'm sure waking up to this pretty room every morning is delightful!

    Have a wonderful week!



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