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Autumn Pale

Saturday, November 9, 2013

 photo e08f401b-edf6-4021-880c-9188141e761e.jpg

I was happy to take down all the orange and black from Halloween.  I put together a simple (and pale!) tabelscape in the dining room.

 photo be869068-a7ce-404c-88d7-245b0aeb925f.jpg

Nothing is new on the table with the exception of the $9 Calvin Klein tablecloth from Home Goods.

 photo f1786f26-c73b-45dc-9ca2-ba7392258e0d.jpg

 photo da214001-f833-4454-9fe5-494e71423cdb.jpg

The Lily of the Valley vase is by Dana Gibson

 photo 4c24ac04-1be5-468d-baa4-71601ab58d16.jpg

I know y'all are sick of seeing the Pier 1 chargers, but they are my favorite!  I love them, and I use them all the time in both the dining room and kitchen.

I want to put together several tablescapes for Thanksgiving.  Be prepared for lots of squash, pumpkins, and gourds!

We're having a great weekend: We've been cruising on the lake, watching college football, and visiting with friends.  What have you been doing so far this weekend?

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love the pretty pumpkins! We goofed off today but it was beautiful weather. Sweet hugs!

  2. Hi
    Who could get tired of those great dishes. I love the leaf plates. The pumpkins are wonderful did you make them? I just love the pale tablescape all food will look great on the off white plates. Enjoy Kathy

  3. I like your tablescape. After months of autumn color it is refreshing to see something that fall themed but not orange.

  4. Your tablescapes are always gorgeous.
    I put away the black but kept my harvest orange. I must have warm color especially at this time of year. It just makes me feel warm and cozy.
    I bet your cabinets are just full of fun table settings. I don't know how you do it.
    But it is always beautiful and perfect.

  5. I have worn a nice groove in the couch where i have been sitting! That is one purty table!

  6. Went to a Christmas open house today. I know, so early. Love your beautiful table, Ricki. xo Laura

  7. Pretty! I love your new tablecloth! I reuse the same things over and over.

  8. Hi Ricki! Sounds like a great day! Your dining room looks so serene and peaceful in the neutral colors....I am looking forward to seeing other table settings that you come up with too. I think Fall decorating with gourds, etc. is gorgeous.

  9. Those chargers are fabulous! Both them and the leaf plates are so sculptural. This is a beautiful table and a rest for the eyes!

    This weekend I'm getting ready for a granddaughter visit next week!

  10. Like it! Glad you are enjoying a great weekend. I'm just back from a quick trip. Trying to catch up this evening. My blog is not updating on blogrolls again, so trying to resolve that issue as well.

  11. All of your table settings are lovely and I especially like those chargers.

  12. What a lovely table. :)

    This weekend? Well, I guess we have been home bodies and loving it so far this weekend. I've been baking bread and working on my knitting and My Honey has been working in his wood workshop. Tomorrow I'll have lunch with two high school gal friends from way back when. It's fun after all these years to see where we've all been.

  13. Hi Ricki! How lovely! I love the dominance of the white and the floral accents that come with every piece. Have a great weekend Ricki!

  14. Pale.... So pretty....

    I made husband an Apple Pie, all for himself!

    I can't have gluten and sat/fat. So he gets it all. But only one, an Apple Pie season. I have to keep his sat/fat consumption down.

    Will make another Apple Pie, next weekend, for next door son/family. And on Thanksgiving, I have to bring one, to other son/family home, for dinner. :-)

    -sigh- No, I do not enjoy making them. :-)


  15. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous, Ricki Jill!

  16. So pretty, love your colors and the dishes are lovely!

  17. It's gorgeous! I love the soft shades you used and your velvet pumpkins and your new tablecloth. The tablecloth is so pretty and soothing and how ever did you find it for such a great price? Are they real flowers or made-up ones? I love the tone it sets for your table. I can see it used in the spring too.

  18. Very lovely and simple against the stunning plates!

  19. Beautiful! I adore your new tablecloth.

  20. Very pretty! I love simplistic and this is just that!

  21. Beautiful...I love the velvet pumpkins... and the leaf dishes... wow, love it all!


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