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Autumn In Our Garden *plus* a Savory Soup Recipe

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Sunday Evening!

The weather has been so pretty here lately, and I've been spending a whole lot of time outdoors (although it was a wee bit chilly here today).   I wanted to share with you some photos from our garden.  All of these photos were taken over the past three days:

 photo 4c0b438f-085f-42f1-a89d-c6f877aec531.jpg

 photo 0560ff1a-4380-4a56-a626-801f230be084.jpg

Scenes from the woods behind our home

 photo f3be159c-178d-456f-9cbc-0b4bb246e1ed.jpg

 photo 436e2e08-52ef-4f2d-ba59-9722a0901fec.jpg

 photo 5d698811-84c3-4b57-a650-af4004f52632.jpg

We could have sleet and a little snow and very cold rain this week.  I think the roses will be history by next weekend!

I love this recipe for Potato and Kale Soup.  It is the perfect meal after a long walk in the crisp autumn air.   I hope you'll try it!

Potato and Kale Soup

2 pounds potatoes, peeled and cubed
Bunch of kale
4 oz packaged diced pancetta
salt and pepper to taste

1.   Lightly brown the pancetta.  Don't burn it!
2.   Cover potatoes with water in a large pot (water should be about 1/2 inch above potatoes).  Add a couple of teaspoons salt to the pot.
3.   Cook potatoes until done, about twenty  minutes or so.
4.   While potatoes are cooking, wash kale and remove thick stems.  I usually only use the top third of the leaves for this recipe.  Stack the leaves on top of each other and cut across the leaves spacing about 1/8".
5.   With a masher or hand mixer, mash potatoes in water until most of the lumps are gone.  Stir in pancetta and kale, and cook an additional three to five minutes until kale becomes wilted.
6.   Add salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

Serves 4.

NOTE:  Cubed ham or 5 - 6 slices of bacon can be substituted for the pancetta.  I've made it with all three!

 photo 120749ed-705e-4118-af79-10f18a91fb40.jpg

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. That soup sounds sooo good right now! I may have to make it this week!
    Its super cold here, I wish there were still some pretty flowers around to look at

  2. beautiful photos, a feast for my snow tired eyes, this sounds like a lovely soup,

  3. We are big on soups for winter. I will pass this recipe on to Steve.

  4. I can't believe your roses are still so beautiful! Your soup sounds wonderful. I am a soup person. I'd rather have homemade soup than steak.

  5. Your foliage is so pretty Ricki and your soup sounds so good. How can you go wrong with those lovely ingredients? There is something about SOUP in the winter that just feels right. I hope you had a nice weekend and that your week ahead goes well.


  6. The roses are gorgeous! I love soup, and I will have to try it. Today we made curry, chicken soup.

  7. please come cook for my house ;)
    Looks delicious!!!

  8. Everything here is under inches of snow! That's it, that's all that is in the soup! I must try it!

  9. Beautiful pictures RJ! We had our first snow fall last Wednesday, so abnormal to be so late for us but I will take it.

  10. Your garden photos are lovely. We've had a big cold snap here in Kansas, and all our pretty flowers are long gone. (Though the colder weather puts me in the mood for Christmas!)

  11. Thank you for the pictures of your was a breath of fresh air. It's freezing up here! I have never used kale in anything but I think this soup sounds wonderful. By the way...thank you for visiting my Etsy shop!

  12. Your garden pics are beautiful, Ricki Jill, and I will be pinning that soup recipe -- yum!

  13. Lovely photos, and that soup looks tasty!

  14. Yum. Another kale soup recipe. I'll be keeping this handy.


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