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My Latest Obsession: Marmalade Jars and Flowers

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Good afternoon, Lovelies!  Boy, have I had a week.  It isn't fun coming home from a horse show to a broken washing machine.  Nope!  It.  Isn't.  It broke on the first load.  Grrrrrrrrr.......


Mr. Art @ Home is my hero!  He found a replacement machine at 75% off retail.  It's a new machine, and a lady who bought it refused it due to scratches.  There were no scratches....only dirt incurred during delivery...the dirt came right off!  YAY!

So, I've been catching-up on laundry and chores today.  I've also been playing around on Pinterest, and I have a new obsession:  flowers in vintage Dundee marmalade jars.  I know they've been around, and I also enjoy seeing kitchen utensils and cutlery in them.  I've seen them displayed on many of your blogs.

The next time I go antiquing, I might try to find one or two for flowers.

Here are a few eye candy images I like:

(link no longer available)

Sarah @ Hyacinths for the Soul shared some pretty flowers in vintage French mustard pots.  LOVE these!

Here are more vintage crocks with autumn flowers.  I have no idea about the source, so if you know, please share!

Are these crocks easy to find?  I would love to find one or two.

My laundry is almost done.....just in time for carpool and riding lessons at the barn.  So that means more very dirty laundry this evening!   :/  

Laundry never ends....but I'm thankful to have a new machine that works!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. The flowers in the mason jars are so pretty, Ricki Jill. The white ones caught my eye. I'm glad you got a new washing machine. Laundry issues are never fun.

    Happy October!


  2. Those are so adorable! What a great little addition to a decor scheme.

  3. I too love the look. I know I had one jjar long ago and don't know where it is. Probably in my attic.

  4. I can sure understand this obsession!

  5. I never heard of these jars but they are really cute! I'll keep my eye out for you!

    Happy Laundering!


  6. Thank goodness you got a new washer. It's amazing how many clothes you wash with a family and you really realize it when the washer doesn't work. The marmalade jars have gotten my attention too. You can find some on Etsy.

  7. I hear ya about the washer! I am smitten with those marmalade jars! Have a nice weekend. xo

  8. That is really cute!! I've never seen those before. I like things with mason jars too!

  9. So pretty! I love them! I've never seen them before, and I go to the vintage stores all the time.

  10. Very pretty!
    Glad you have a new washing machine. Imagine having to do all that laundry by hand like they used to ... I'd rather die

  11. I hope you find some. Of course, now that you've posted it, we will all be looking for them. Lol. Nice score on the "scratched" washing machine!

  12. We need to come up with a way to make doing laundry fun.. Hmmmm.. sing a little song? eat chocolate? Worse that doing laundry, I dread putting it away;)

    Love these vintage marmalade jars filled with flowers! So sweet and when grouped together make a pretty centerpiece. Enjoy your weekend Ricki!

  13. RJ,
    Wow, what resource did your husband use to find such a deal?
    I love crocks and jars filled with flowers. I have only one of the Dundee Marmalade jars and I love it, but use it for pens by the phone. :D
    Have a great weekend,

  14. ugh oh, you just turned me onto something new here...the jars. I was just reading about bonne manan jars and have to check them out too!

  15. hi Ricki Jill, I love to add fresh cuts to pretty jars. Some of these look like old French mustard jars I've seen. I found two for fifty cents each at an estate sale! Love the pics.

    The French Hutch

  16. I've never seen those before, but they are just adorable! I can understand your new obsession.

  17. Well done, Mr. Art @ Home!! :D
    I think everyday items like vintage jars work much better as vases than actual vases. Yay!

  18. These are beautiful, especially when you use just the one colour.

  19. I love both these looks. I'll have to keep my eyes open for some of those marmalade jars as a nice alternative to the mason jar.

  20. We can get new ones up here in Canada with Maille mustard in them. I have two of them. If I ever visit I'll give you some.


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