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My Happy List: A Library of Flowers

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

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I have a theme for today's My Happy List!  :D  You probably think I'm the biggest Nerd when I post themed Happy Lists, but that's okay....

My Happy List:  A Library of Flowers

1.   My sweet friend Patty sent me the very nicest care package on the planet.  It has set the theme for today!

Let's take a look-see:

I love the pretty cards and tags!

I think I've read all of Sarah Jio's books but this one.  I can't wait to read it!

I just realized that Patty also crocheted me a surprise, but I'm using it in the art studio and I forgot to photograph it.

Thanks, so much, Patty!  If you haven't visited Patty's blog, Patty's Pretty Things, you really should!
My Sweet Blog Friends Make Me Happy All The Time!

2.   I bought a book at my favorite Indie Book Store (Sundog Books in Seaside, FL) during the summer, and I haven't read it yet.  But I read Linda's review, and it changed my mind.  Now I have two wonderful flower-related novels to read!  {Disclaimer:  Life After Life isn't about flowers, but the cover sure is eye candy!}

3.   I was having an interesting discussion with some girlfriends the other day, and one of them said that the average American woman has at least five different perfumes on her vanity.  I couldn't believe it.  I have two at the most at any one time.  My friends all had more than five and were teasing me about how surprised I was over that statistic.  Anyway, they bought me a couple of small perfumes and made me buy another one so I'd have five. Trust me, we didn't spend more than sixty dollars for all three because two of them are tiny.

Do you see them?

What about now?

These little books conceal perfume bottles!

When the bottles are removed from the little book boxes, Oscar Wilde quotes are revealed!

This is the one I bought for myself.  It's called Kirimashi Air.  It smells like white tea and orchids.  It's a very light fragrance.

I was not a very girly girl when I was younger, and I'm still more of a sporty spice than a posh spice.  But I'm happy that I have girlfriends who straighten me out about what's considered "normal."

4.   Speaking of flowers, my garden doesn't know that it's late October.

We planted carpet roses in September, and they have several buds and blooms.

Our camellias are also starting to bud and bloom.

Our encore azaleas are blooming much later than usual.

I like the orange gazing ball for Halloween.  :D

Y'all know from following my blog that flowers always make me happy!

So, I want to know:  I'm I the odd girl out?  Am I the only one who thinks that five perfumes is excessive?  How many perfume bottles are on YOUR vanity?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Ricki Jill my mom has like 20 bottles. Talk anout excessive!!!! I can't stand perfumes therefore i have none on my vanity. I am way sporty spice lol. Give me a candle instead of overpowering perfumes. Even though your book perfumes are super sneaky and cute. But no you are not wrong 5 is crazy to me ;)

  2. I agree, Patty is very sweet! What a nice package she sent.

    I was shocked as well, I found a new rose bud on my rose bush, however I believe it will not make it, we had frost last night, maybe if I would have covered it I would have one last rose for the season. Your garden looks beautiful. Love the globe.

    The perfume bottles are so you! Five bottles huh? Well I am in a world of hurt. I only have one. Ha ha

    Have a great week my dear friend.

  3. LOL- I have three! Happy by Clinique for Summer- Beach by Bobbie Brown for Summer and Tuscany per Dona (Estee Lauder) for Fall and Winter. I only buy what I love anymore.
    Your books sound wonderful. xo Diana

  4. So much to be happy about. I don't have any expensive perfumes, just $10 body sprays lol!

  5. Your flowers are breathtaking.... :-)

    We had a frost and our flowers took a hit, last night. But I took pics, yesterday!!!

    Ohhh that orange gazing ball! Simply gorgeous.

    Ooops, your perfume question... Since I sneeze from exposure to lots of things, I don't wear too many sents. A simply flower one, and a special blend oil I was able to get.

    If you can smell them and wear them and you enjoy them, you can NOT have tooo many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) The more the merrier!


  6. I have no sense of smell, so my vanity has 0 bottles of perfume. I have a favorite perfume in a bathroom cabinet.

    I need to plant camellias. They remind me of my childhood home and I have no idea why I do not have any in my yard.

  7. wonderful happy list, I will keep a wide birth from you ladies, I am deathly allergic to perfume and colognes!!!

  8. I am allergic to most scents, but these bottles and quotes are DARLING! I would *almost* try one!

  9. ONE, lol, Clinique Happy. I'm not much of girlie girl... but I like the look of the Kirimashi Air! I can't stand heavy fragrances. I remember how unbearable it was when the boys went through their Spray-Axe-Everywhere-All-the-Time phase... stinky!

  10. Have a gorgeous week doll! I LOVE the perfume boxes and the gazing ball-awesome!

  11. I love those little perfume books, what a neat thing! Your friends are very sweet, including Patty. I have had as many as five bottles, only because hubby never knows what to buy me on special occasions. I recently tossed some that were old and I didn't like (you know they evaporates over time?). I'm down to three, one for every day and two for nights out, and those are rare! :)


  12. I guess I am Little Miss Priss here, because I just counted one dozen, and that is actually very low for me! I adore fragrance, and feel "undressed" without it. I used to work for Estee Lauder years ago, and I learned that there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to wear it. And no, you don't want your fragrance to announce your presence before others can even see you! Some people are allergic as a couple of commenters pointed out, and even though I can wear quite a few, quite a few others make me sneeze! The best thing is to try out a tiny amount first, and if that is successful, buy a larger bottle next time. The shelf life is only about two to three years if kept out of sunlight and the bathroom, so purchase only what you will wear. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. Perfume is like good food and wine -- to be used and enjoyed.

  13. I just recommended Life After Life to my mom, after reading Linda's review, as well. Yay!

    I personally have 6 very small samplers of solid perfume, from Sweet Anthem. This is mainly due to my inability to NOT buy things from her. I tend to buy many, and then give them all away. I have never found my singular signature scent, and with my allergies I don't even wear perfume regularly. But if you DO wear perfume daily, having 5 seems excessive to me. (unless, perhaps, you change them with each season?)

    I do love those little books with the Oscar Wilde quotes! I wish I could find them, sans perfume, around here....lovedy love Oscar Wilde. :)

  14. Thanks for the shout out, RJ. Glad you are using your dishcloth :). I have an anthropologie perfume sitting on my bathroom sink because I like the bottle and it is green. otherwise, I don't wear perfume because it gives me a headache. I used to wear Elizabeth Arden's true love lotion until they discontinued it and I've never been the same...

  15. Oh I have tons of perfumes and even a three sets with the creams and all. The perfumed OW books are awesome, I love them. I too feel undressed without wearing a soft perfume (and earings,lol) on a daily bases since I was a teenager. I'm currently using 'Eau de Cartier' and it's heavenly! Thank you for hosting sweet lady.

  16. Only two on mine but I would have a library of them if I could!

  17. Pretty perfume bottles are something I wish I had, but alas I don't how annoying is that, I like your happy list.......pretty flowers, good books and pretty bottles all happy stuff

  18. I have ONE! I'm allergic to everything and there is only one that I've found that I can even wear most days. I've never had five in my life!!

  19. I only have one, and it is Eternity. I spray it every morning just below my belly button ;o) Don't like it on my wrists or neck. I do enjoy your Happy List as you always give me a chuckle.

  20. Hi RJ.
    I do think that more than 5 is excessive... but I don't practice what I preach!! :)

    Love seeing your garden! :)


  21. Brace yourself...I have zero bottle of perfume! (Just some random bottle of bath & body works sprays) I LOVE tht your friends wanted to get you up to it!

  22. Books and gifts, flowers and perfume....everything that we love! I was going to include a photo of my perfume on my dresser in the post today and forgot to take it. I'll put it on a post soon though! I'll save how many I have until then! heehee! Enjoy your day my friend! I love your new perfume!!!

  23. One perfume bottle here. But perhaps I should try Library of Flowers. What a delightful title.

  24. I'm not very girly girl either and I don't really like scents and wear them approximately twice a year. I had to laugh when I read your story as our French visitors gave my husband and I perfume/cologne as gifts and now there are a grand total of 4 bottles on my dresser (one of them being my husbands). My husband never wears cologne and one day recently he put some on and then asked me what I smelled and I thought it was laundry detergent (sigh).

    I love perfume bottles, but not the perfumes. Strange, I know.

  25. I love the "books" that are hiding perfume bottles! How clever and cute! I have eight bottles of perfume, three for spring/summer, three for fall/winter, and two anytime fragrances. I just couldn't decided on a signature scent, so I have eight. =)

  26. Adorable little books holding perfume bottles and I love the quotes they reveal! I struggle with fragrance, too much or strong ones give me a headache, I only have one I use so I'm way behind :)

  27. Uh-oh....1, yep one! I have been such a bore in that department. I wear Clinique, Elexir. People say they associate that smell with me. Not sure if that is good or bad! :)

  28. I have two. My favorite is "Chantilly", an old floral scent from the 1940s. My paternal grandmother worn this scent. I always loved it. Believe it or not you can still buy it at the stores. I've read that some don't think the formula is the same but it still smells lovely to my old nose.


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