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Musical Monday: Muscle Shoals: The Movie and a Winner!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Musical Monday!

Today I want to celebrate a brand new movie about the amazing music that's come out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

I know I've been a bit negative on my blog lately about my home state, but truly this is wonderful movie is worth celebrating and bragging about!  I recently viewed the movie, and I was blown.  Away.

Here is the trailer:

I hope you'll see this movie.  You'll be shocked at the music recorded here in Alabama!  The movie ends with Alicia Keys recording a fantastic song.  :D

Percy Sledge is from Muscle Shoals.  He grew-up singing in the cotton fields, entertaining older folks while they worked.  Here's "When a Man Loves a Woman," recorded in The Shoals at Norala Sound Studio in 1966 .

What have you been listening to?  Share @ Musical Monday!

Musical Mondays 

Now on to other news and announcements....

We're on our way home from a weekend IEA Horse Show in Georgia today, so My Happy List probably won't be posted until LATE TUESDAY!!! Sorry, but I haven't had the opportunity to blog at all since early Friday morning. 

Also, I'd like to announce a winner in my giveaway:

Congrats, Diane!  I hope it'll be a nice addition to your home library.  Email me with your address!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. This sounds great, Ricki Jill. :)

  2. Great song Ricki! I'll look forward to seeing the movie:)

  3. OH WOW! I'm so excited to WIN! I can't wait to get the book and learn even more about your lovely state! And I know I would enjoy this movie. I hope I get to see it! Have a good week my friend! Hugs and THANK YOU!!!

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I look forward to reading about it.

  5. Congrats to the winner and the movie sounds like one my dh and I will like

  6. Congratulations to Lavender for winning

  7. Hi Ricki Jill, I haven't heard about this movie but I will find out. I do know all about Muscle Shoals, big recording town! Thanks for letting us know about this.
    Hope your week is off to a great start......

    The French Hutch

  8. We have a Muscle Shoals area just north of us.

    I will tell Steve about the movie and soundtrack because he LOVES music and is always looking form something new.

  9. My husband is going to love this movie!

  10. This movie looks great. We'll definitely have to check it out!

  11. That's another classic song, will have to check out the movie! Thanks for linking up for Musical Mondays!


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