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My Happy List: More Autumnal Happy!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Happy List
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Good morning, my lovelies....welcome to My Happy List, another Autumn Edition!  :D

I hope you're enjoying gorgeous weather wherever you are.

My Happy List

1.   We're loving playing outside right now!  *happy* Our planters are looking so pretty, and they should look good until frost kills them.

We planted some white asters for autumn.

2.   I found these VERY HEAVY little stoneware plates at Pier 1 for around $2 each.  I never find wonderful stuff on sale: I was so happy when I found them!  I think they look like fall, so I don't understand why they were on sale.

Perfect for an afternoon snack of shortbread!

3.   Check out the pretty velvet ribbon in my sorority's colors of turquoise and pretty!  Sometimes it's the little things that makes us happy!

4.   Bonnie has been very happy playing outside in the nice weather.  This dog makes me so very happy!

5.   Sunbeams shining through a pumpkin....{happy}  :D

6.   We're VW folks....that's all we drive!  So this commercial makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile, too!

7.   Yesterday at Church, I was blessed to hear Carolyn McKinstrey speak.  She survived the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing when she was a teenager on September 15, 1963.  Carolyn is such a dynamic speaker, and I will share more about her and her book on Friday.

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Your planters are gorgeous... and I love those plates!

    Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Your planters do look beautiful. Very cute plates. It is the little things in life that are priceless. Bonnie is such a cutie. I LOVE that commercial! I also loved A-ha. It looks like Fall is going great for you my friend and that makes me HAPPY!

  3. Your flowers are oh so pretty. And I love the plates too. And Bonnie is just adorable. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. All the bloggers are so excited about it and I love that I am a part of the fun! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Ah, your planters a beautiful! Alas, the frost has already started getting mine... we've had a few really cold nights so far! My hanging basket is on it's last legs...
    And I love that picture of the sunbeams coming through the glass pumpkin, so pretty!! :)

  5. Ha! We are VW people too. I love that pumpkin you have, beautiful. Pier 1 always surprises me with the deals they have from time to time. I have bought plates there before and am still loving them. Those are sweet!
    Oh and RJ...dogs should make everyone happy, don't you think?

  6. Beautiful flowers Ricki. I love pier 1. they have some fabulous finds. Bonnie is adorable. Happy Fall to you. xo Linda

  7. RJ, I watched it twice. It makes me giggle! Thanks for the happy post this morning. ~ Sarah

  8. Oh wow, $2 for those gorgeous Fall plates sweet did great! I totally know Bonnie makes you so happy, she's too adorable! I think I'd love to read that book, it's my type of Reading! Thanks for coming sweetie and for hosting this special party. Hugs to your daughter too! Big hugs,

  9. Such pretty plates and love your planters Ricki! Enjoy your day:)

  10. Ricki I love all of your thought on Autumn, that velvet ribbon, gorgeous! The Pier I plates, and especially Bonnie!

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    Book Giveaway!

  11. I love your happy list. I think I need a trip to Pier 1...I love those plates! Bonnie is such a cutie.

  12. Love your Happy list. Those plates are just lovely. I will be anxious to hear more about that book- xo Diana

  13. Such pretty flowers for our warm weather Fall, I love the first pic with the rusty white pail. I have a similar one that I love. Your stoneware plates were a great find and they do look like fall. Of course the spools of ribbon are so pretty I would never use the ribbon, just display it. Bonnie looks like she wants to help you do whatever it is your were doing! Loved the commercial and the song made me happy...............


  14. Loving those plates, now I think my dinnerware could use an update.
    I must go see if we have them on clearance too!
    Oh that commercial so reminds me of my hubby lol

  15. I love reading your Happy posts and promise myself that I will enter next week. I think it is important to stop and think about what makes us happy.

  16. I wish I could grow such nice looking planters!

  17. Yay for pretty Autumnal weather! Those plates are gorgeous- congrats on finding something understated, pretty, hefty, AND inexpensive. YAY! :D

  18. Hello!! Oh your planters are just gorgeous. I have wondered where you have been but then realized I lost you on my blogroll. I lost it when I did my switch. Trying to rebuild and remember everyone that was on there. So glad you are well and I missed your happy posts.


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