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High Cotton and Hot Skwash

Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the South, we have a saying, "She's in high cotton."  This phrase means that someone is doing very well, and it usually refers to doing well financially. It also means that someone is living beyond their means and everyone knows it.  For example:  "She's livin' in high cotton since her husband bought her that MacMansion."  :/

Literally when the cotton is high, it means that there's a good crop for the year.

I put some cotton high on our mantel (you know the has the ugly TV hanging over it).  I decorated for autumn today mostly using everything I already had with the exception of the three new Hot Skwash pumpkins I bought.  They were a bit pricey, but they are works of art....they're even signed by the artist!  I couldn't resist them because they're too, too cute and they're heavy!  I want to dissect one to see what's inside.

You can tell that they're authentic Hot Skwash because each one is signed on the stem.  I tied the cotton stalks with a velvet ribbon.

"That Ricki Jill must think she's livin' in high cotton with hot skwash on her mantel!"  ;P

Apparently there is a spring line of Hot Skwash.  Who knew?

Love the turquoise color!

Daria even makes specialty and one-of-a-kind punkins.  Daria is a genius!

Have you decorated for autumn yet?  This weekend, I'll post some of the other pumpkins in our home.  Stay tuned!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I love the turquoise pumpkin too and also that pretty yellow one! Very nice!

  2. So sweet. Love the colors and the cotton too!

    No, I have not decorated, though I enjoy looking at people's creations. I don't, because it's too hot; however, I have a velvet pumpkin, and I have a real white pumpkin from last year for the table.

    I never heard that saying. Interesting.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. XOXO

  3. I never even HEARD of those pumpkins, Ricki Jill. They are delightful. LOVE how they look! xo Diana

  4. OOO, those are the most beautiful pumpkins...I am so "not-with-it" that I've never heard of these.
    I tell you one thing, in one of the cotton capitals, I sure have heard of high cotton. :))

  5. That Ricki Jill - she's all that and a bag of chips!

    Love your cotton. Cotton grows everywhere around my dad and I've begged him to get me some. When I was there last month it was already harvested and baled. I just don't think he understands the need!

    The pumpkins are gorgeous too. :)

  6. So pretty! I'm hoping to get around to doing some decorating this weekend.

  7. It looks wonderful in a vase with your lovely pumpkins. I had never heard the term high cotton. I picked cotton one year when I was young to earn some money for school clothes. I hated it. The husks were so sharp, even with my gloves on I had cuts and sore. Biggest Hugs!

  8. I remember my Mom saying those words. Those pumpkins are so cute.

  9. I love that look with the cotton and white squash, gorgeous!

  10. Oh, how pretty! Your mantel is very beautiful. I love the Hot Skwash. I have never seen them before. How unique and beautiful.

  11. oh you southern gals, lol
    I adore your cotton stalks. So amazing.
    I wish cotton would make a comeback in clothing :/
    Your mantel is so simple and perfect. Loving your Skwash!!!

  12. Those are cool- I've never seen them before! I love the name, too. :)


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