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Friday Confessional for 9/6/13

Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Friday, so it's time to join Aubrey @ High-Heeled Love for Friday Confessional!

This is a tough post for me to write.  I almost didn't write it, but I want to be honest with my readers and let you know what's going on in my life.  I have some of the sweetest blog friends on the planet, and I think the world of y'all!

During the summer, I joined an allergy study because I've been having very bad allergic reactions that were only becoming more frequent and worse with time.  I want give all the details, but just know that it would start with terrible GI issues followed by a bad rash and hives. Treatment usually included epinephrine, benadryl, and prednisone.  Not fun.   I was thankful for the study because I thought it would help me feel better.

I was stunned when the doctor gave me the results of my allergy tests.  I had no allergies.  Thankfully I had taken photos of what my body looked like in the midst of the reactions I was having or I might have been dismissed.  After more testing and reviewing my symptoms, my doctor diagnosed me with a mast cell disorder.  I had never heard of a mast cell before.  Basically, my body has many more mast cells that most folks, and they release histamine in my body and skin.  Currently I'm being treated with large doses of antihistamines, and it has been helping me.  I'm feeling so much better!  I'm still in the study, and my doctor is seeking more information from a study in Atlanta.  Maybe I'll get some "mercy meds" soon!

The study is very time consuming, plus I'm driving my daughter to and from school everyday (about 30 - 45 minutes each way).  Bottom line:  I simply don't have the time I once had to blog.  I've thought about giving-up my blog completely to focus on my health.  I'll try to scale back some (actually I've already done that) and just see how it goes.  Please be understanding with me if I don't respond to all your comments or visit you as often as I once did.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. *big hugs!*
    Good for you, for putting your health first. We must ALWAYS put our health first. And I hope the med regiment does help, and that the study does as well. That sounds miserable, so any relief would be excellent!

  2. Man , it is so similar to Celiac disease in its symptoms--which also gives a bad rash called Dermatitis Herpetiformis

  3. I see what Beth said and I agree! Take care of yourself and don't worry about anything. Sounds like you are getting the information you need now to treat your problem. Maybe it will cool off some soon, too and that will help. Sending you bunches of hugs! Your buddy, Diane

  4. Of course your health comes first - and yay for finally finding out what is causing your problems. I hope you continue with your blog with a reduced frequency of posting. I do enjoy your posts and having a peak into life in Alabama.

  5. You don't have to visit me or comment or reply to my comments, Ricki Jill. You need to focus on your health first and foremost. Just post when and as you can. Putting you on my prayer list! xo Diana

  6. Take care of your health first and foremost! Blogging will still be here when things ease up. Meanwhile, praying this clears up, never heard of it either!

  7. Putting your health first is what you need to do says the person that DID NOT DO THAT...but that is another long story...I am so proud of you taking care of yourself! We will all be here when you are all better...we promise. You take care of yourself and get better ok! Sending you tons and tons of hugs ...prayers...and love!

  8. I am so sorry to hear that you have been so ill, Ricki Jill. I am glad though that they were able to make a diagnosis. Please take care of yourself, sweet friend. xo Laura

  9. oh I'm so sorry! Please take care,

  10. Wow. I'm really sorry to hard about this, but at the same time, I'm glad they were able to give you a firm diagnosis so you can get treatment. Take care of yourself first. We'll be here in blogland when you have time for it.

  11. Ricki Jill, I'm so sorry you are going through this. You must feel pretty crummy sometimes. Does the antihistamine make you sleepy?

    Don't give up your blog. Blogging isn't really a commitment to post all the time, just post when you can and feel like it.

    Hope you feel better soon friend.


  12. I am glad you have finally found out what is going on. (((HUGS))) I want you to take care of yourself, you are way too important my friend.

  13. Wow that's interesting but sorry you've been struggling with this health issue. I broke out with a weird skin disorder in 2009 (Lichen Planus) which about drove me nuts! Prednisone got me through it and so far no big outbreaks again. I firmly believe two factors were involved- on being my body changing because of menopause the other being a horrendous stress situation. Anyway try and find a way to relax more so your immune system can work better.
    Hugs, Liz

  14. Oh, Ricki... I am so sorry to hear that you have been having this health issue. Let's all hope that this study you are enrolled in will find a good answer for you as you must be very uncomfortable. I have you on my sidebar so when you do post I know it... don't worry about having to blog.. no one HAS to blog... xox

  15. Health is no joke! Take care of yourself. Blog land will be there when you have time!

  16. So glad you found out what is causing the problem. It sounds like what I was suffering from back in the 80s. At that time, I basically decided it was just my life (too much stress), and made some drastic changes. I got better, but not before being treated with all that stuff you mentioned which only addressed the symptoms. I have never heard of mast cell disorder -- but I am glad you have found out and got something that is working for you.

    Blogging is way down on my list of priorities after a number of years at it because I find that we are now so inundated with redundant images and information that no one pays more than a cursory moment of attention to something you worked so hard on anyway. They forget it as soon as they see it. Since I have never done it for profit, only for fun social contact, I have had to put it in perspective and do it only when I really have the time and energy. Your health and your family come first!

  17. At least you now know what is ailing you and hopefully there is a treatment that you can live with.

    I agree with Stacey and hope that you do post when you have the time or need a place to express your thoughts.

    You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  18. Ricki Jill, obviously taking care of YOU is what is important here. I hope you can find relief.
    You know your friends in the land of Blog understand. Reading a post at Art @ Home is always a treat for me, but you need to concentrate on getting better. Post when you feel like it, and know that your friends are here to support you. Hope the weekend brings you some relaxation. Hugs ~ S

  19. Oh, I am so glad you are finally getting some answers and some correct treatment, Ricki Jill! I think as Bloggers, we all have to do what feels right for us and taking care of yourself and your family are the top two priorities in my book. We will just enjoy whatever you have to give or just wait until you feel like giving at all!

  20. Ricki Jill I am so proud of you sharing this.
    Not only to get off your mind but to share and help spread the word to others about this condition.
    Your life was so full of stress last year and I am hoping that this year will be much more relaxed and thus easier on your body and mind.
    Take care of yourself and your family. Friends, if they are true, will always understand why family comes first.

  21. RJ,
    You poor thing. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be. I wish you a miracle med and know that, as a fan, I will understand any lapse in posts and I will hold good thoughts for you. I'll be here when you're back to good health. Get well and take care.

  22. First...I'm glad you were proactive and are taking care of your health. Second...don't you worry for one minute about visiting blogs. Your family and your health clearly need to take the front seat for a while. Don't give up on your blog altogether...just take a break. For however long you need. Cherish that time in the car with your daughter. For 30 minutes twice a day you have her all to yourself. Take care and let me know if you ever need anything I can help with. I'm here always. ~Ann

  23. Ahh I am sorry that you have been dealing with this but happy that you are on your way to hopefully getting in under control. Health is at the top of the list....always.
    You are one of my first blogging buddies! Take care of yourself RJ. Hopefully you can drop a quick line once in awhile to let us know how you are doing. Do not worry about visiting me..commenting...any of that.
    Je t'embrasse...Donna

  24. Oh, yes, please take care of yourself. Do everything you can to feel better. Blogs are just a small part of our lives. Prayer going up now for you, Ricki Jill. Let the beauties of your home and life wrap you in a healing blanket until you're all better.

    Love to you,

  25. I am just glad to know where you've been and that you are taking care of yourself. Much love! xoxox

  26. I'm sorry to hear you are not well, and I hope the medication helps. Take care of yourself.

    I've been not well either. But it's actually nice to know a little about what is going on, so we can send you prayers. It is also good to know about this disorder. Someone else mentioned some symptoms that were shared with some another illness, and I wondered how many self-diagnose with something else! Good to know, but no one enjoys being a science experiment!

  27. Big hugs to you! Your health is very important. We can chat when you are feeling better.

  28. Dear Ricki Jill, we all need time to care of ourselves, our health, our family. You know we will all be here for you!!

    Take good care and keep those doctors on track!

    2013 Artists Series

  29. WOW Dr. Ricki, good for you. Had you not taken those pics prior you may have never gotten to the bottom of it. Glad you are feeling better:)

  30. I had no idea. I hope that you are feeling better and thank goodness they have at least figured out the problem. Please let me know how things go and I'll be in touch! Hugs to you and the family! :D


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