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Local Flavor Swap Reveal

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I received the best package all the way from Salt Lake City!  Miss Angie put together the most thoughtful package for the Local Flavor Swap.  Time to share!

You remember the salt water taffy from yesterday's post.  Mr. Art @ Home was so happy!  He thought I'd bought it for him because it's his favorite.  I {almost} let him think it, but I eventually fessed-up!

The lavender is grown on a family farm, and the mother studied cuisine at the famed Le Cordon Bleu.  Angie knows how much I love honey.  I eat it or put it in my tea everyday.  Yum!
Angie taught me that Utah is The Beehive State!

Check out the little spider dude.  The main stone in the body is a rainbow fluorite!
I hope he'll keep away unwanted creeps!

Angie made me some earrings.  I'm going to take a photo wearing them later this week and post it.

A local SLC artist takes traditional landscapes and adds her own unique stamp to them.  Look closely....

Edward Scissorhands has been hard at work on tis landscape!  So cute.  I love Edward!  Lovely piece of art.

Fry sauce!  I've read about it on many blogs, but we don't have this in the South.  Any suggestions on how to enjoy it?

Thanks so much, Angie!!!  Angie is one of my very favorite bloggers.  I hope my girls grow-up to have a heart just like hers.  She has a fun blog, too. Reading about her antics with her friends makes me smile and keeps me young.  It's better than botox and won't rot your brain!  Check out Angie's blog, My So-Called Chaos, HERE.

Have you ever participated in a Chaotic Goddess Swap?  I think this is my fourth or fifth one.  They are fun, and I highly recommend them.  Angie and Beth know how to administer swaps!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. You definitely got some great the lavender and earrings! I did something like this last Christmas and thought it was so fun. Nice for bloggers to get a "taste" of someone else's home!

  2. wow Angie really rocked this swap

  3. Fantastic swap! I'd love to participate in the next one.

    1. Debbie, We'll be announcing it September 1st with a Giveaway! It's going to be color themed! :D

  4. WHAT fun! I need to check that gal out,too. LOVE all the fun things here, Ricki Jill- xo Diana

  5. I loved seeing your treasures, RJ. What a fun swap. That candy would be gone already if I had received it!!

  6. I am soooooo so glad you loved it all, seriously! I loved mine too, and just posted it!

  7. Oh also, the Fry sauce-Dip French Fries, Onion Rings, Tator-Tots, (or any other fried food) in it. OR put it on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, etc. It's pretty tasty, and this is my favorite brand because it has more of a sharp flavor (like a hint of mustard or vinegar or something similar) that makes it stand out. Some people just mix Mayo and Ketchup to make it (which will do in a pinch, but can be bland) and some people make it with BBQ sauce too (which I'm not a huge fan of-unless it's a really good BBQ sauce.)

  8. YAY! I didn't know that Utah was the beehive state, either! How fun!
    Fry sauce....maybe over steamed cauliflower?
    That spider is awesome (what a great idea), and I got a good laugh over Edward Scissorhands Kinkade. :)
    Angie is an awesome swap partner- always super thoughtful and generous....and I'm so glad you joined us for this swap!
    (also, the package you sent her is faaaaaaabulous!)

  9. Very nice package! So what is this Fry sauce???

    Have a great day ;)

  10. What a fun package!! I love the things you were sent :D

  11. Oh my goodness. I love that little spider and the Edward Scissorhands piece.
    I've never heard of Fry Sauce...I'm intrigued.

  12. What an interesting package you got. I love seeing what local goodies there are when we travel and this is like the souvenirs without the trip. What fun!

  13. The fry sauce sounds awesome. What a great package!

  14. Oh, you certainly received some lovelies and yummies! The salt water taffy looks so pretty in your sweet bowl. Seeing the taffy reminded me of times on the Oregon coast. We always had to buy a bag of taffy in Depot Bay! Those are darling earrings!

  15. Little spider dude gave me a fright, lol. Cute!


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