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{for the nerdy Anglophile}

Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you aren't a nerdy Anglophile you probably won't appreciate this post.  I apologize in advance!

I found two adorable mugs on the Emma Bridgewater website, and I just had to have them.  One commemorates the Queen's coronation, and the other one celebrates the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis.

Hooray for George!  I've had several FB friends say unkind things about the birth of this little prince.  Really?  How can you not celebrate a baby, especially the baby of a prince who lost his mom at a young age.  People are mean....or maybe I need some new FB friends!  ;P

I put some sale grocery store flowers in the mugs.

I only paid $5 for this mug.  I thought it was a bargain!  It's a second, and I found nothing wrong with it.  Maybe the colors were wrong of something.

On Tuesday, I went shopping with my sorority sister, Fran.  Look what I found:  A Sadler & Sons Queen Elizabeth I teapot.  It commemorates the defeat of the Spanish Armada.  It has the queen on the center of each side, with Raleigh, Burghley, Dudley, and Drake flanking her.  My favorite thing about it is the zigzag Tudor rose border on top.  So cute!  I paid $12.00 for it which wasn't great, but it had the papers with it and it had never been used. Plus I didn't have to pay shipping!

Someone gave me this teapot as a gift early in our marriage.  It's also a Sadler & Sons teapot, and it's from the Shakespeare series.  Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream are also in the series, and I'd love the A Midsummer Night's Dream teapot.  It's my favorite of Shakespeare's comedies.  I remember when I taught the play at a local Christian HS many years ago, I let the students decorate the entire classroom like an enchanted fairy bower.  There were flowers, trees, and fairies covering all the walls. There was also glitter, LOTS of glitter, and I think the OCD janitor hated me for a quarter.  (He would walk in my classroom DURING CLASS and pick-up paper off the floor.  :/   )  I noticed one day that there were Jerry Bears in some of the trees and flowers.  When I asked where the latest arrivals had come from, and that as far as I remember, there were no Jerry Bears in Oberon's court, the students were stunned.  "How do YOU know what Jerry Bears are, MRs. T?"  As if.  I gently reminded them that I went to college... a state college.  Eventually I lost that battle as they multiplied quicker than I could remove them. Oh pick your battles!

I have the teapots displayed on the plate rack in our dining room for the time being.

Are you an Anglophile?  Just wondering.....

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Being Canadian I do have a likeness for the Royals of course, and how can we not be happy for this family, I think the mugs are wonderful I lobe Emma Bridgewater 's work, you enjoy them, no one should rain on your parade! Beautiful ttea pots too! I love the blue shelf,

  2. Yes, I'm an Anglophile. I was tempted to order one of the EB mugs myself. I think they are adorable. Love her work and also that of her husband, Matthew Rice. Do you have any of his boxes that were popular in the 90s? I should do a post on the ones I have. They are charming!
    Your teapot is adorable. Glad you found it.

  3. i adore your collection.
    I always wanted to grab a piece of the Queens history in the form of a commemorative plate or dish. I just love the history and story of it all. I couldn't even wrap my head around being placed in that long line of history.
    Gosh, just so cool.

  4. I'm with you. I was excited for George's arrival. William seems so happy and I think he choose his wife well. He deserves some happy

  5. I guess I'd call myself an Anglophile, Ricki Jill! Although being from Canada, we are part of the British Commonwealth, thus technically making them "our" Royal Family, too ;)

    Hear hear on your feelings about Prince George's birth! I was saddened to find so many Facebook/Twitter/real-life friends and family saying "Who cares?" or "Whatever, it's just a baby" or "Why is this NEWS?!?" I'm sorry, but since when is it wrong to celebrate the birth of a sweet new life? The fact that he's William & Katherine's son and heir to the throne makes it VERY exciting in my world, and it bothers me that others made me feel bad about sharing in that excitement.

    I love the mugs!!! :)

  6. I'll have to look it right back! hahaha!

  7. "Someone (more often than not American) who holds an extremely romanticised view of England and the English". Yes I am....and didn't even know it! Did you think I would look it up? Did you really think I didn't know? Don't answer that! And I love these precious mugs and your gorgeous tea pots! I love items that are beautiful with lots of fine details! Enjoy your day! I learn something every day! (and I'm ready for tomorrow!)

  8. I consider myself an Anglophile, but I don't follow the royal family much. I just like reading British books and dreaming of another visit to England and seeing more of the country than London.

  9. I guess I am one too. I remember watching Dianas wedding and her sons wedding. In fact I bought the dvd of his wedding for our granddaughter because she loved watching it the first time. I also was so exciting about the birth of the new prince that I watched as much as I could. So count me in too.

  10. Well, I don't collect English things but I do enjoy them. I love watching the Royals and was tickled about Prince George. If there are those that are belittling him/them on FB then you definitely need some new friends! Hope you enjoy your cups and your new teapot- xo Diana

  11. Oh I love the teapots...and the mugs! I would definitely call myself an Anglophile. How is it that I didn't know of this Emma Bridgewater website? I better go take a look.

  12. I am not an anglophile, but have nothing against those who are (or against England in general)...You absolutely had to have those mugs as they are such a perfect fit!

  13. I love the tea cups and they look cute with the flowers. Your tea post are beautiful!!!

    You had me laughing so hard about the Jerry Bears!

  14. i love your teapots and mugs! i also love the new little prince even though i'm not british. but i've always been a sucker for anything welsh, scottish, irish and english. :-)

  15. Aw, I think Prince George's arrival is fantastic! I can see William and Kate being great parents, and Harry being the kind of naughty adventuresome uncle everyone should have. I don't think the baby's birth is worthy of headline news every week (what pressure to put on the wee one!), when so much else is going on in the world, but there's no reason to insult the royals over it, either.

    Also, I love those teapots! The unusual shapes are fantastic. Now I shall have to keep my eyes open for any in the antique stores here, or estate sales. I'm not a huge fan of Midsummer, as it's overdone a lot, but it IS a fun play, and I can only imagine the fun the kids had in decorating! What's a Jerry Bear, though?

  16. ME!! I love all things about England. I want to go there soooo badly!

    I love that teapot. I've never seen anything like it!

  17. Oh!!! I love your Queen Elizabeth I teapot. She is my favorite monarch. I love all things Elizabethan!

  18. Love the teapots AND the mugs :) Pretty stuff. I need to start tablescapes again with my vintage dishes & stuff. Guess I'm going to have to set my dining room table back up after all.

  19. I'm a nerdy anglophile so I can really get into your mugs and teapot. In fact, I have a teapot like that - it is an Elizabethan building. I love your little bouquets in the mugs - so cute.


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