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End of Summer Read-A-Thon and Musical Monday

Monday, August 5, 2013

While Shelley strives to finish her summer reading before school starts in two weeks, I thought I'd participate in the End of Summer Read-A-Thon hosted by Turning Pages and YA Bookmark.

Turning Pages

I have a couple of books I've been wanting to read very badly, and the point of the Read-A-Thon is to get those books read in a short amount of time.  I'm hoping to read three to four total.

What is The End of Summer Read-A-Thon?

"The End of Summer Read-A-Thon is hosted by me (Lisa) from Turning Pages and Audris from YA Bookmark; running from August 9th through August 12th. The End of Summer Read-A-Thon is a long weekend filled with books, challenges, giveaways and other special posts."

Thanks, Lisa and Audris, for hosting the read-a-thon!

I hope I don't pick-up any bad books, unless it's the band....which brings me to Musical Monday!  (Don't you just love my segue?)

Musical Mondays
This looks like a fun giveaway!

Since I've been in the car quite a bit lately, I've been listening to Alt can only take so much of Fox News and NPR!

I really like Bad Book's song "It Never Stops," but I'm not crazy about the lyrics.  So instead, I'm posting "Forest Whitaker."  The video includes the lyrics, too.

What music are you listening to, and what are you reading?

I hope you've been reading some good books this summer!

Until next time...

Happy reading (and listening)!
Ricki Jill


  1. I listened to the whole song, Ricki Jill, even though I have Beethoven for Book Lovers playing in the background. Ah, blessed relief when the song was over! It is clear that I need to find some senior citizen blogs in order to fit it! Trouble is, I like hanging out with you girls. Does it help any to tell you that I have every record that Pink Martini ever cut and play them all the time? Of course, when I'm trying to clean house, like I need to get up and do now, I'll put on Crooked Still, Shaken by a Low Sound or my favorite oldie that never fails to get me busy working, Loretta Lynn & Jack White's, Van Lear Rose.

    As for books, I just started rereading Sister, by Mrs. Parrish's daughter. That will not only keep me involved a few days but also help me get up and houseclean as she said that you couldn't have style without the house being clean. Just what I need to motivate me this Monday.

  2. I laughed when you said you can only take so much Fox News ( don't own a television) and NPR. I heard something on NPR - "listening to the news is bad for your health". Steve has the stereo on at all times and it just shuffles through his 10,000 songs - right now Tom Waites, with his scratching voice is entertaining me.

  3. Oh I feel sooooooooo guilty. I have not read one single book this summer. I just mentioned that to a friend the other day and she reminded me that the summer was still on... guess I better get busy. I have been so busy with guests all July!
    So RJ...if I pick up just one book, what should it be?

  4. I really enjoyed that! But I generally enjoy your choices! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    I agree on the talk radio... Especially if it's FOX lol

  5. Hi, Looks like you are busy as usual, I love the song, must say I had never heard of it. Leave it to you to introduce us to something new. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  6. I know you've had a busy summer! Will it slow down any when school starts? Probably not! I've been reading like crazy this summer. I'm reading Ali in Wonderland by Ali's fun and funny! Sweet hugs!

  7. I've been reading several Susan Mallory books this summer. Light romances...perfect summer reading for me. As for music, I make odd playlists with lots of pop/top 40 with a scattering of contemporary country and a few Christian songs mixed in. If I hear a song that either touches my heart or makes me want to goes on the list!

  8. I am listening to some cd's about improving my life and I have been reading Orrin Woodwards's- Leading a Leadership Revolution. He has amazing insight- xo Diana


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