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Are Electrical Insulators the New Mason Jars?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I look for inspiration for my art everywhere, especially on blogs.  I've been painting some lovely Mason Jars lately, and here are some images that have been inspiring me:

source unknown

But do you know what else is inspiring me lately?  Electrical insulators. I've been seeing them on blogs and in magazines. Check out my Smash Journal mini book:

A pink toile bucket full of electrical insulators

I love the stand holding the insulator full of flowers.

Glass of all kinds is also inspiring me now:

I want to paint the vintage jam jar!

If these photos are giving you a headache, they are in 3-D.  Look at the glasses that came with the Smash Book:

This is what I'm working on now:

I love the glass, reflections, and quirky composition!

So what do you think?  Are insulators the new Mason jars?  What should I paint next?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I hope glass insulators could be. I need inspiration on what to do with our box full of them. I don't know if their utility competes with a mason jar, but I have seen some pretty awesome stuff made out of them. I hope it keeps coming.

  2. I just bought the anniversay set a few months ago and waiting to make a wood box to put them in. I have one that is very very old, but it does not have the lid. I just love the blue color of these jars.

  3. I love all the pictures on here! ;D
    Are they the new Mason Jars? No, they have beauty too but Mason Jars are forever, there is nothing wrong with having a variety of beauties.

  4. Insulators are neat too. My dad is 74 and he remembers removing them when he worked at an electrical plant as a teenager. They might be a little harder to find but I do see them occasionally. Now what is a Smash book? Is it for inspiration?

  5. I always liked the blue green insulators, we have had a few kicking around for as long as I remember but the jars take first place for me, I treasure mine, Ilove the photo of the painting you;re working on, its the little things like shadow and space that make my heart sing when I paint,

  6. I had a box full of insulators, but when they fell out of favor I got rid of them all. Maybe I should start collecting again. Love what you are working on, my friend. xo Laura

  7. Love mason jars or jam containers as vases or containers for just about anything. Great idea to paint them!

  8. I have many, many of those insulators and now I need to display them in a pretty way. Look forward to your work of art! xo

  9. RJ,
    I love the blue of the mason jars you've shared. How lovely your paintings are.

  10. Yay! I love colored glass. And beach glass. And if you ever come to Seattle, you should go here, for more inspiration:

  11. If they are I must get my husband to go look in the barn for the buckets of them that used to be there. We collected them back in the 70s but we never came up with as creative ideas for them as I know bloggers will now. They were lovely, some clear but some the blue of sea glass. I need some ideas on how to use them, though.

  12. I first learned about insulators through my MIL 30 years ago when she had them on a shelf on her kitchen window. I like anything glass too. Just keep painting, girl. You have great insight.

  13. Very pretty flowers, sorry that is all I have I am so bloody sick today

  14. Hmmm I think I have a box of insulators somewhere in the garage.

  15. Hi RJ! Well, I haven't seen any insulators in a while but I know those mason jars with flowers are all so pretty. Hope you'll show us your artwork when you're done. Thanks for popping in to see me and hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Insulators! I recall back in the 1960s insulators were a huge collectable. Funny how things cycle around.
    Eager to see more of your new piece.

  17. Back when I used to take art glasses in high school, glass pieces were always my favorite to draw. I adore all the mason jar inspirations I'm seeing everywhere.

  18. Oh, the mason jars and flowers are so pretty, Ricki Jill. I see a lot of blog friends have those jars and decorate with them. I like the eclectically vintage one very much. Nel has done some art projects this summer, and I think you would enjoy seeing them, as you are so artistic yourself.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  19. Love the insulators but they'll never compete with my love of Ball Jars :)


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