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Summer Container Recipes

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last week I planted a few containers for summer.  I want to share the "recipes" with you!

 photo a1c09969-4354-44b7-8993-d0933e3d4dfd.jpg

Lime Rickey coral bells, May night salvia,  Mango Tango million bells, "Intenz" pink celosia, Clear crystal white alyssum,  pygmy black sweet potato vine

 photo f84276f7-fd3c-47bd-952f-251fb69036dd.jpg

Light pink verbena and white bacopa

 photo 88f39867-f592-4241-af39-a4502fbfa374.jpg

 photo 50b4ff14-1d7c-47ea-b05a-e34bc9ea8936.jpg

Cast iron plant,  moonlight caladium, super elfin white impatiens, silver ribbon fern, asparagus fern, Korean rock fern, variegated creeping fig

 photo a7cfbcd3-116f-4dea-8ef3-a21df6fc9c91.jpg

Hurry, mom.  I need a bath!

 photo cc79526c-0d60-4613-b10c-0d501b3cb7c2.jpg

Sometimes a pretty geranium is all you need in a pot!

So happy to have these planted for summer!  I didn't plant anything new for spring.

Thanks for your emails and comments.  I'm feeling much better, and I'm hoping to have time to visit y'all soon.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Your blog looks so beautiful Love the new design its so easy to read
    Happy Summer

  2. Glad you are feeling better! I love your containers and recipes!

  3. I love those first images and I always love geraniums. I am not sure why but they just scream "summer" to me.

  4. Very Beautiful. Did you know your first container has many perennials, which will come back next year? The first 3 you listed are. The caladium are too, you can even transport them and bring them inside for the Winter. (Did you know they are also known as Heart of Jesus or Elephant Ears?) I agree with you about geraniums, and you can even take that plant indoors and it will grow year round too.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

  5. They look so pretty, Ricki Jill! I love that they all seem so different from the norm.

  6. Took my daughter to the garden store this afternoon and thought of you the whole time as I was salivating over their container gardens. They were similar to your first one up there. I was going to take some pics for you, but think I should go back with something better than my phone!

  7. Beautiful!

    My basil died while I was on vacation. Denver got ZERO rain. :(

  8. Your containers look beautiful. We still have a few things blooming, but most things are starting to look!

  9. The containers are so pretty, Ricki Jill, especially the one with the pink verbena.

    Jess wants to teach Elementary School, and has already helped out in the classroom as part of her credential program. Your comment was such a lovely one today.

    Have a good Friday.


  10. Ha I thought it was going to be food but instead a feast for the eyes. I love big full containers. We get so hot in summer with no rain that I give up about now till fall so I will enjoy yours.

  11. I think this is the perfect post to wish you a happy first day of summer Ricki Jill! Your containers look amazing, so many pretty flowers that just say happy summer. I love container gardening and have several. I sure learned a hard lesson last week when I was maintaining my ivy topiaries. It’s so hard for me to wear gloves doing such delicate snipping. Of course I reached my hand in the ball of the topiary and found a big bad mad wasp! He got me good. Keep those gloves handy while working on your plants! Have fun at the horse show this weekend, and good luck!


  12. Those are gorgeous. I desperately need to get a morning out in my garden. It's getting almost too hot here to spend much time out there.


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