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My Happy List: Bloggy Friends with Mad Skills

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Oh, how wonderful it is to have bloggy friends with mad skills.  :D  What I lack in skills I more than make-up for in resourcefulness.  ;P

My Happy List

1.   Do you notice anything different about my home?  Not my literal home, but my virtual home here in the blogosphere.  My blog has a new look!  YAY! Mr. Art @ Home and the girls gave me the makeover for Mother's Day. Really great Mother's Day gifts make me so happy and warm my heart!
So...I know you're wondering who's the genius behind my blog because most of you know that I lack skills.  
*drumroll please*
Miss Angie @ My So-Called Chaos!  If she sounds familiar it's probably because you recognize her from my Musical Monday posts.  Angie hosts Musical Mondays as well as several other fun parties and shenanigans (shenanigans is my word of the month)....

Please visit Angie's blog and tell her what you think about my makeover! She went WAY BEYOND the call of duty.  My blog is almost finished. Angie's waiting on my daughter to take a decent photo of my for the "about me" blurb. Then it will be done.  *squee*

2.   Have you met my really funny friend Andrea?  Her blog, Maybe it's just me..., is a breath of fresh air, I tell ya.....

This isn't really Andrea....this is her button.  She's a real blogger I swear....

Recently, Andrea posted an A-Z series on angst-ridden 80's songs, and it was sooooo much fun!  I loved it and I read every post.  She was so kind and thoughtful to send me two CD's containing each song from every A-Z post. SO HAPPY!  Mr. Art @ Home has already uploaded the playlist to our iPods so we can enjoy them this sumer on the boat.  
I don't know how to make CD's so I was so happy that Andrea shared her mad skill with me!

Isn't this card *perfect*

One of my faves from Andrea's A-Z challenge:
I is for "If You Leave" by Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark

Thanks so much, Miss Angie and Andrea.  I will enjoy your mad skills for a very long time!

What's making you happy this week?  Share your posts with us.  This is a linky!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Angie is amazeballs! She made over my book blog (which I'm neglecting) because of the PTA! It looks great!

    1. LOL I know, right?!?!? Amazeballs is the perfect adjective.....

  2. I love your fun, bright and happy new look Ricki Jill!

    Art by Karena

  3. Your blog looks fantastic! I'm going over to see what music I missed! Sounds like summer time FUN!

  4. Still so happy you love your new blog! I had so much fun making it! :D

  5. Oh Ricky, I just opened my blog and went into your blog first and here is your header looking so happy, crist and fresh..I love it! The song is great too and I'm grabbing a new button, which I also like. I'm not that happy this week, but I will be further in the week, lol.. I'm posting my new vignette I like and a pie that came out super yummy! How fun having the music you love for your boat. Hope you had a lovely Mom'sDay. Big hugs,

  6. I noticed your new look right away! It is amazing! What great friends you have!

  7. Love the new look! Miss Angie did a great job!! :) Maybe someday I'll get her to revamp mine... Lord knows it needs it! lol!

  8. Awwwww, please don't take my heart away! Enjoy yourselves, so glad you liked!

  9. I LOVE the new look, well, in general I adore you. C:

  10. OMG Miss Angie did it again totally wowed me with her amazing talents. she totally rocks the blog designs

  11. Your blog looks great. Love the song too. :)

  12. Your new blog design is fabulous, what a great gift! It looks very "artsy" and happy! It says a lot about you which is what you are looking for in a blog design. She did a great job! :)


  13. I love the new look! How lucky you are to have wonderful talented blog friends. I hope you have a great week!

  14. I noticed it yesterday and forgot to tell you I really like it. Great Mothers day present!

  15. Love your artistic makeover, new header & buttons Ricki Jill! I need to remember this linky party, it's good for the soul to focus on things that make you happy :)


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