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My Happy List: It's Spring! and Random *Happy*

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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I'm very happy that everyone is feeling better here, and I can't wait to plant containers this week.  I already have a few roses, and I was so worried because we'd cut them way back!
My Happy List
1.   I'm visiting my favorite nursery today, and I hope to plant at least three large containers.  I have a Pinterest Board for containers.  Check out this pretty one:

This pretty container was originally pinned from Houzz.

Are you following me on Pinterest?  It would make me so happy if you would!  :D

2.   I actually found a great bargain @ Pier 1 the other day.  I rarely ever find steals I would've been willing to pay full price to own.  

What a bargain!

All I added was one dozen assorted roses for $6.99.  YAY!
Bargains make me so happy!

3.   I have been stalking climbing hydrangeas online lately.  Looking at the pretty hydrangea images is making me happy!  I should probably make a climbing hydrangea Pinterest board.  Our brick wall under our master bedroom window looks stark, so I'd like to plant one to climb our brick and surround our window.  Mr. Art @ Home is scared it would ruin our brickwork and mortar.  What do y'all think?

Our brick is almost the same color as the brick in this photo.
Share your happy posts with us today.  This is a linky!

Until next time...
Ricki Jill


  1. Like you I long to have pretty flowers and a nice neat landscape.I wish I had a green thumb,every spring we go buy these pretty flowers,some survive some casualities(more the latter).But every spring I always have hopes to succeed.I've planted and potted some,wish me "HAPPY" luck.....oh how I'd love to have these some pretty pots so full and vibrant.
    Jo @ LoblollyLane

  2. You have some great ideas RJ. Spring is such a wonderful time! I rode my bike yesterday for the first time - it was so beautiful outside. Love your table runner! I will post something later today. Have a great day!

  3. That climbing hydrangea is gorgeous! I'd say go for it :) But then again I can't grow cacti so maybe you shouldn't listen to me :)

  4. Flowers really make a difference Ricki! I'm joining your Happy List over the next days. I'm just having problems with my internet connection here :(

    Hope you are having a great day!

  5. Happy Spring flowers, I love that planter. Have a wonderful day, Joyous Wishes, Linda

  6. Those are great to be happy about! I love nurseries!

  7. I have such a hard time with containers, each plant has different needs so I usually end up with just one type of flower in each pot and then group them together! lol! This one is just beautiful. I love your runner, too, and yes, bargains make me happy, too!!

    I would go for the climbing hydrangea. Hubby said the same about the ivy I started and it covers our whole house now. I'm happy to say the house is still standing. Plus, it takes a looooong time if and when it could damage your brick, think of all those old homes in Europe!


  8. Your table runner is amazing.
    I've been craving a trip to the nursery lately...I don't really have many places left to plant, but just looking at everything makes me happy.
    Those climbing hydrangea are beautiful. I know Ivy eats at brick, but not sure about other climbers. Maybe a trellis that isn't right up against the house?

  9. I am SOOOO glad that spring is finally sunshine and cool breezes!

  10. So beautiful!
    I am having a fabulous. Book giveaway!
    art by karena

  11. The roses look as if they were grown especially for the new runner! Lovely! And I had already followed you at Pinterest but enjoyed pinning some of your pretty pins just now. Love them!

  12. Hey! I have a rooster pitcher like that! This is a first. I went to two garden stores today and felt so frustrated (and overwhelmed) by the time I got home!

  13. I plant only containers anymore...they are so much easier to water. I got so tired of dragging the hose around! Going to make sure I follow you on Pinterest...I'm pretty sure I do but will double check!

  14. beautiful flowers and gorgeous table setting

  15. Hydrangeas make me happy too! Gorgeous spring inspiration. I love that first potted plant photo. I'm so anxious to begin planting however the temps are still a little cool in the morning.


  16. All the things on your happy list make me happy too!

    I am following you on Pinterest now.

  17. I've been avoiding this post all day because it snowed in Colorado. Again!

    8 inches of snow on my frozen car this morning and then.....half melted by 4pm.

  18. Somehow I missed following you on Pinterest. Thanks for the reminder and I'm with you now!

  19. What beatiful flowers and a pretty good happy list.........

  20. Hi Ricki Jill~ My MIL had a climbing hydrangea for about 15 years on her brick. It finally gave up the ghost but did no damage to her mortar like ivy can do. Following you on Pinterest :)

  21. I love hydrangeas. I hope you go for it even though I have no idea if it would be good for your brick.


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