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Musical Monday: Sweater Weather

Monday, April 15, 2013

Isn't this cardigan *pretty*

We had the best weekend with Shanley Belle!  It was her sorority's Parents' Weekend, and it's always so nice visiting Tuscaloosa in the spring.

Saturday was a gorgeous sunny day.  Perfect.  Not so much for brunch on Sunday: It was rainy and cold.  So I kept singing "Sweater Weather" in my head all day....  ;P

I love cardigan sweaters, especially during the spring and summer.  It might be ninety degrees outside, but I usually freeze inside because of the air conditioning.

Here are two other sweaters I *heart* :

Methinks I'll be going cardigan shopping this weekend!  ;P

But I digress....

Moving on to Musical Monday, here's The Neighborhood with Sweater Weather.  Now I'm not daft....I know that this song isn't really about sweaters. And I fear that the speaker of the song is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater. Naughty boy.  But I still like the song anyway, and I predict tremendous success for The Neighborhood.

Sweater Weather
by The Neighborhood

All I am,

Is a man,

I want the world,
In my hands.
I hate the beach,
But I stand,
In California with my toes in the sand.

Use the sleeves of my sweater,
Let’s have an adventure.
Head in the clouds,
But my gravity’s centered.
Touch my neck,
And I’ll touch yours,
You in those little high waisted shorts.

She knows what I think about,
And What I think about,
One love. Two mouths.
One love. One house.
No Shirt. No Blouse.
Just us. You find out.
Nothing that we don’t want to tell you about, No.

It’s too cold, 
For you here, 
And now so let me hold both your hands in,
The holes of my sweater.

And if I may,
Just take your breath away.
I don’t mind if there’s not much to say,
Sometimes silence guides our minds to move to a place so far away.
Goosebumps start to raise,
The minute that my left hand meets your waist.
And then I watch your face,
Put my finger on your tongue ‘cause you love the taste.
These hearts adore,
Every one the other beats heart is for
Inside this place it’s warm,
Outside it starts to pour.

Coming Down,
One love. Two mouths.
One love. One house.
No Shirt. No Blouse.
Just us. You find out.
Nothing that we don’t want to tell you about.

It’s too cold, 
For you here, 
And now so let me hold both your hands in,
The holes of my sweater.

What are you listening to?  Join Miss Angie at Musical Monday!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I was just thinking that I needed a coupe of spring sweaters but had no idea what was in...I thank you (but my wallet does not)

  2. Cardigan weather is about over here. It was in the 80s this weekend. Like you, I always take one with me to restaurants and movies but outside there's no way! I love the ones you picked. I love Anthro clothes and Sundance. I kind of love everything in the Sundance catalogs. It's dangerous!

  3. I love cardigans, too, and these are so cute. I'm always looking for something different to wear under them as we tend to dress in layers here.

    So glad you had a fun weekend!


  4. This is a great song! I am adding it to my playlist right now. Yep, that yellow cardigan needs a new home, mine! Heck, I freeze in the middle of summer here the change in temperature from outside to inside with AC is drastic! And yep, I was wearing a cardigan on Sunday too!

    Great song thanks for introducing me to a new artist.
    The Glitter Tart

  5. I'm a sweater girl too, but of course its freezing here! Even in summer the nights are cool!

  6. I'm definitely a sweater girl. Like you, I'm always cold when in restaurants, shops, et. My closet is full of winter sweaters and light weight cardigans to toss over my shoulders when needed.
    The first one is my favorites. '-)

  7. The song is new to me, so thanks for the introduction :) And the sweaters are adorable. I was thinking I was going to get to the end of the post and see Weezer's "Undone - The Sweater Song" at the end. Happy Music Monday! Just visiting via Miss Angie.

  8. Love love loved that song! Thanks so much for sharing! I'm a cardigan junky too! :)

    xoxo thanks for being such a great bloggy friend!

  9. Ricki Jill,
    Snappy tune!

    I love the cardigan sweaters you've shared. It's always fun to have a few of those available for spring and again once fall starts to show itself.
    Enjoy your week.

  10. I love sweater weather and cardigans are a favorite of mine too! I love that yellow one. The color & the mismatched buttons just draw me right in.

  11. I love the first sweater from Anthro - it reminds me of a mug I bought there. Is that a good thing?

    So glad you had a good weekend with your daughter(s).

  12. Ilove sweaters and your blog too...the song is fantastic!!!I'm Kate from Greece!


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