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Friday Confessional: It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy, Jack!

Friday, April 12, 2013

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I confess...
I confess that some people in this house are buying way too much cheese. It's ridiculous.  There are only three of us living here, and we can't eat this much cheese.  Plus, cheese is expensive! So I've imposed a moratorium on all cheese purchases for the immediate future!

I need the mozzarella and cheddar for recipes, but this other cheese?  Come on, people.  You're *killing* my grocery budget!  Stop buying cheese, please!!!

I confess...
I confess that I've been a bad mom in that I'm supporting my daughter's cheese habit.  This is her favorite pizza du jour:

Can you guess what kind of pizza this is?  It's Macaroni and cheese and bacon pizza.  As if pizza needs help with increasing its calories.  :/
I confess...
Speaking of cheesy.......I confess that I have a new guilty pleasure:  Duck Dynasty.  I'm so flipping addicted to this show!  I must say in my defense I never wanted to watch it to start with but Mr. Art @ Home insisted.  I.  Love. This.  Show!  Don't judge me before you watch three episodes yourself.  ;P

Got to *love* Uncle Si, Jack!
I *heart* Miss Kay, too!

It feels so good to get this off my happy to confess....will you join Aubrey @ High Heeled Love for Friday Confessional?
Until next time...
Ricki Jill


  1. ha ha ha!!
    Okay that pizza is a heart attack in waiting!
    Goodness to be a teen again.
    Cheese is one of my most hated food items. I can live without it and if I do eat it, it has to be skim fat free...pretty much flavorless ;)

    I will have to check out that duck show. You have me intrigued

  2. I'm with you, Garry watched it long before I started, he kept telling me I would like it but I just never watched it, then one night I did, from then on I was a convert, I watched all the past episodes, I love it!We are cheese hounds in this house too, yum!

  3. haha your fridge looks like mine cheese everywhere

  4. Our cheese drawer is like that too! Since we've moved to the Dallas area with so many neat grocery stores, we keep picking up specialty cheese in addition to the regular stuff. Your daughter's pizza choice sounds delicious!

  5. I LOVE this post!! haha!! I'm a bit of cheese addict myself, so all of that cheese looks amazing to me! LOL I'm trying to cut down though with my healthy eating ways...

    That pizza looks heavenly.

    AND I love Duck Dynasty, and Uncle Si! "I sting like a butterfly, and float like a flea!" hee hee!

    Have a great weekend, Ricki Jill :)

  6. I want that pizza so freaking bad. Probably not going to happen any time soon though.

    I haven't watched Duck Dynasty yet, but I've heard a lot about it.

  7. That is a whole lotta cheese! I've never watched Duck Dynasty but I've heard it's very addicting. Think of it as date night. ;)

  8. You need to have a wine and cheese party to use all that up! Wow!

    I have been hearing so much about this show, though not exactly what it's about. More how it's so addictive. To be honest, I don't watch much TV, I can barely fit in my reading, but a good laugh would be great!


  9. It's ok...shhhh....I'm addicted to Swamp People. J

  10. Ricki Jill, We love Duck Dynasty, especially Si :)

  11. Okay, I thought that was macaroni and cheese on that pizza!! Ha! I love that girl!! She has got some pizza class. I will most definitely be sharing that with my family. We have pizza discussions here every Friday night and that has never been on the list of possibilities. She might be on to something? ;)
    Oh yes....calories galore.

  12. Ha! Time for a party to get rid of it! Now that the kids are grown .. I have no excuses to keep all this stuff around:)

    Happy weekend!

  13. I keep hearing about Duck Dynasty...gonna have to watch it at some point. :)

    Your cheese drawer puts ours to shame! I *wish* we had that much cheese (yay Keyygold), but the one time we did that we basically ate nothing BUT cheese for 5 days. And since I'm technically lactose intolerant....*ahem* Not good. But tasty!

  14. Cheeeeeeeeeeese! I love that I have to watch THREE episodes before I judge! My daughter is looking to dvr an episode for me as I type.

  15. Ricki Jill,
    As a cheese lover,there can never be too much cheese. I try to discipline myself, but I do love it. I justify it by figuring it's got calcium, calcium is good, right?
    Karen :D

  16. My husband watches this show. Do you really advise me to watch it with him? OK, I'll try it. It doesn't sound too much like Downton Abbey or Mr. Selfridge, though.

  17. I have never watched this show. Cheese is such a wonderful food. Anything with bacon is divine. Enjoy your Sunday.

  18. so much cheese! gotta admit, that pizza looks pretty gross :(

  19. I tried to comment but it would not take. The pizza looks good. I think it is great you and your husband watch a show together, however I could not help but bust out laughing at what show. I love it! Thanks for the smile.

  20. Mac and Cheese Bacon pizza sounds pretty good. LOL.

    My folks are hooked on Duck Dynasty. It's funny, but I refuse to let myself get hooked on another show.


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