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Kitchen Confessions

Friday, March 1, 2013

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

I confess that I stole borrowed lots of great ideas for our kitchen from Pinterest and blogs. Below are photos that inspired our partial kitchen re-do.

I love the marble countertops and shade of pink in the MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse.

I love the fine art and glass-front cabinets in this breakfast room.

I love the mixture of traditional wood and modern chairs.  Plus, again, the art inspires!

Pink island and wood bar?  Check!

I confess that I will post about our kitchen soon.  :D  I'm still doing some touch-up painting on the white {and pink} cabinetry.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh my gosh I can't wait to see that pink island! How lovely and perfectly you. Hope you are well...have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh Ricky, such great ideas for a new kitchen! I love the most those McKenzy Child's jars and the pieces in the stove top! Have a great weekend.

  3. I can not wait to see your new kitchen!!!

  4. Great inspiration photos. I love the mix of chairs in the second to last photo. I can never decide if I would have the nerve to buy one of each colour chair. I'm so looking forward to seeing the kitchen.

  5. Fabulous inspirations and all so you! Can't wait to see the big reveal! :D

  6. Guess what?! I got one of those candy jars for Christmas, from a fellow volunteer. Nevermind that my gift to her was a bag of homemade hard candy (luckily a few days prior). I was so excited and immediately thought of you! (and then clearly forgot to tell you)

  7. I think it's awesome that you painted pink in your kitchen. And it's fun to see your Pinspiration photos.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party!

  8. Damn you have a nice looking kitchen mine is just a boring plain looking kitchen


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