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Wit & Whimsy: Pretty Print

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I found this lovely print on Etsy.  Entitled Lovely Afternoon, I love the wallpaper, worn blue chair with the red velvet heart, and *of course* the books and flowers!  This is a perfect image for Valentine's Day!

What do you think about the resurgence of wallpaper?  Will you be papering a wall or room in your home this year?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh I want that chair!!! And I love wallpaper though I dare not try to hang it myself.

  2. Well i do love that print. And love vintage style wallpaper not so much the 80's kind.
    Ya know i did my little redo using paper and i love it.

  3. Everything about that print is so lovely! I love the colors together. I don't have any plans this year. After the move, I hope to do nothing one of these days!! LOL.

  4. I have some very subtle wallpaper in my kitchen - taupe and cream chicken wire. My mother-in-law used to have wallpaper in so many rooms. It was very pretty, but I'm not sure I can commit that well. Wallpaper is too expensive to change very often.

  5. Yes, a very pretty print. I find many great things on Etsy, too. :) No, no wallpaper here. I remember stripping layers and layers of wall paper and wall cloth when we moved in there 34 years ago. Never, never again.

  6. I agree, this is such a sweet image RJ. I love wallpaper but I tire of patterns so now I keep my walls plain and use patterns for pillows, spreads and curtains which I can change out when I'm ready.
    I've learned the hard way, from building five houses and decorating with wallpaper to this house without any! I love it.............

    The French Hutch

  7. I love wallpaper but it is so expensive. I have bought some for my tiny hallway and some for a feature wall in my mother's bedroom. Hopefully both will get done this year.

  8. No, I am finally getting rid of the wallpaper in our house from the last time it was in. Our bathroom looked like the Brady Bunch.

    I do love the picture though.

  9. I love wallpaper but when I took some down in our small bathroom it pulled out chunks of sheetrock. My husband declares we'll never have any again so I'm hanging on dearly to the last wallpaper I have. It's On the lower half of the walls in our hallway.

  10. I love wallpaper... but it is sooo permanent. I don't have any anymore. Happy Valentine's Day

  11. OOOOhhhh so sweet! I love the "idea" of wallpaper. This reminds me of my home growing up. My mom was a maniac for floral wallpaper.

  12. I do love this- I had so much wallpaper for so many years- I don't know if I would do it again. Maybe a wall here and there. Happy Valentine's Day, Ricki Jill- xo Diana

  13. Our walls are so textured that wallpaper wouldn't work. Also, with my husband rotating his paintings throughout the house, I like a solid color wall.

    I just love that chair.


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