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Friday Confessional #1

Friday, February 1, 2013

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Aubrey is the new permanent host for Friday Confessional.  Thanks so much for hosting, Aubrey!

I confess....

I confess that I haven't been doing a great job at reaching my January goals. I'm trying to cut myself some slack since I was sick the first couple of weeks this month.

But I confess that I'm a wee bit disappointed, so some of my January goals will be cut and pasted onto February's goals.

I confess....

I confess that I'm really tired of hearing about Manti Te'o.  Why is this news? I confess that I don't understand why Americans are more interested in this "scandal" than our leaders lying to us (on both sides of the aisle). Manti is a sheltered, gullible college kid who was an easy target. Give the kid a break, people, and if you want to attack someone, attack the liars in Washington, D.C.

I confess....

I confess that I just can't get motivated to paint lately.  I really need to make more time to paint, and get over this little creative slump!

I confess....

I confess that I was totally lost at what to do at church last Sunday.  During communion, there was an "express lane."  Instead of going to the very front of the church, you had the option of standing and getting the wafers and wine in front of the alter.  Was this lane for people in a hurry? Those with hurt knees? Maybe the "contaminated line" for those who thought they might be coming down with the flu?  What was that line for???  I still can't figure it out, and I didn't know what to I took the "express lane."  :/

I confess....

I confess that I really need to figure out a different afternoon snack for Shelley other than brie cheese.  Shelley want to eat a wedge of brie everyday after school, and at $8 a pop, that's outrageously expensive.  She's 5'8" and 98 pounds.  She needs calories.  Maybe I can talk her into eating homemade "blizzards."  They'll be a little cheaper.

So....what do YOU need to confess today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. people love scandal and that is why you hear more about government affairs and cheating than them not doing their jobs ;(

    I hope you find a snack full of protein and calories for her and a bit cheaper, yikes...


  2. I'm over the poor kid, too. He'll know better for next time, but who cares? Hope you find that motivation to paint.

    Maybe your daughter would like some of the Laughing Cow cheeses. These are more reasonably priced that brie but still creamy and tasty.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional for the first time! Welcome to the party. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. I was thinking of Laughing Cow, too, for your daughter. It's conveniently wrapped in wedges, too. Yes, leave the poor college guy alone, some people have nothing better to do. And don't worry yourself about reaching those goals, especially if one of them is to stop stressing (it's on my list)! One day you might just find the energy and creativeness to cross of 3 things at once!


  4. I'm not familiar with the scandal and I've never heard of the express lane, lol,I love brie though and wish some one would buy some for everyday! lucky young girl, all I got was peanut butter and jam, lots of calories in that though!!!

  5. I have a confession...I don't look at ads on blogs.teehehe.
    ~Jo @ LoblollyLane

  6. Gah! I've got the January blahs too.

    February will be much better.

    I've been terrible about getting to church (so cold on a Sunday morning) and have been hibernating with far too much tv.

    Terrible habits all.

  7. About that scandal - couldn't care less but I do kind of feel sorry for MT. He seems like a really goofy kid.

    The snack - my son goes through 1/2 gallons of ice cream like they are nothing. I don't think Laughing Cow would be enough calories. Weight Watchers suggests eating those.

    Our last church had multiple communion lines and it was confusing. I agree.

  8. Yeah the Manti Tao thing just is dumb to me too. Whatever it's weird, but it was one story somewhere weird, not let's keep talking about it all darn week weird. LOL

    I had to copy and paste a few goals over. I agree with Aubrey, Laughing Cow Cheese is yum!

  9. Did you see the newest news in that Manti case? The faker guy is apparently a "recovering homosexual." LOL. The media will say anything!

  10. Thank goodness somebody else is wondering why a fake girlfriend is being called news!!!!!! I confess to enjoying all of the snow (and snow day) we had today!

  11. I would eat brie for snack every day if I could too! I just started making Protein Balls for my kids and the recipe is on my food blog. They are delicious and made out of peanut butter and oats.

  12. American news hits our airwaves up here and I too am sick of this scandal and hey, do any of you really care that Beyoncé lip-synced at the inauguration? People love the "silly".

  13. This is such a fun post!

    I would love just a little tiny bit of Shelley's metabolism.

    The express lane @ communion cracked me up! I guess I should confess that I didn't realize that other faiths (other than Catholics) took communion. Look at that, I learned something new today!

  14. Ricki Jill, I fell short of my January goals too. Now I'm starting over in February. That's my confession and it was hard to admit but I feel better. New month, new diet goals. Wow is Shelly a lucky gal. Good luck on that treat sell!

    The French Hutch

  15. Hopefully February will be much better for you. I agree... Manti Tao issue has gone over board.

  16. Don't beat yourself up on the goals, I think we are all guilty! I know I am. I don't know why Manti is "news", because it's NOT. But 99% of things on the news and on the news shows may as well be soap operas and I've never liked soaps!! LOL, My confession would be that like Shelley, I love my brie too and prefer it with honey, pecans and dried cranberry's and I think I'll have it during the super bowl tomorrow now that you mentioned it. LOL! Have a good one.

  17. Great confessions, I confess that some days I am just confused in

  18. Yep I would have been confuses by the 'express line' at church too. I would have felt I was able to leave church early then ;)

    You have to cut yourself some slack girl - you went through a tough fall. Maybe you just need to set the bar a little lower for February goals.

    Have you got an inspiration book going of things you want to paint or try out or pictures you find inspiring. I find that is often the way to get my creativity going. That and making myself start doing something for 15 minutes. I tell myself I can take a break after 15 minutes, but I rarely want to once I start. Maybe you need to try something other than painting for a bit - have you done sketching or watercolours or ... It is really tough when you are in a slump, but then don't you find you do some of your best stuff when you get your mojo back.

  19. I too am scratching my head about Manti Te'o and the lack of concern as to what is really important.

    What about a wedge of laughing cow cheese? :)

  20. Yes, I'm sick of hearing about Manti. Why is this news?? Also add to the list - sick of hearing about another Kardashian offspring, Lance Armstrong, and someone saying in a tweet Oprah looks old. Enough already!


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