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Favorites on the First: Favorite Containers

Friday, February 1, 2013

This month, Alison @ The Polo House wants us to share our favorite containers.  My favorite containers are my MacKenzie-Childs flower frogs.  Let's take a look:

King Ferry Pattern

Heather pattern

I really want to collect more, but they're hard to find because they've been discontinued.  If you ever locate any, please let me know!

MacKenzie-Childs made a large one the same size as a soup tureen.  I really wish I had bought it for larger arrangements!  This is what it looks like:

Isn't it fabulous!

What's your favorite container?

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Dang those are very neat.
    I need something like that!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love the little bouquet it creates. Beautiful.

  3. I can certainly see why these are your pretty. My favorite container for fresh flowers is a white pitcher.

  4. I've never seen anything like that before! So much prettier than just a vase....thank you! :D

  5. Well the flower frogs are new to me. Yet another wonderful creation from our favorite potter! I'll have to look for some of these. I honestly have never seen these before. How did that happen? They are wonderful pieces and such a great idea. Perhaps we can lobby McK-C to produce these again. Do you know what year they made these? Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

  6. Well now THESE are my favorite containers. I love that you have frogS...plural...of course you do!!!! ;)

  7. Those are just great, Ricki Jill! I have never seen flower frogs that are so beautiful and meant to be seen. They make for a great flower arranging tool. Thanks for sharing them. I saw your post over at "Favorites On The First".

  8. Beautiful containers for Favorites on the First. So many that look perfect for flowers.

  9. The flower frogs are perfect on your table. I'm curious about them since I am also a Mackenzie-Childs collector. I'll have to look through my old catalogs to see what year they were offered. Do you know approximately what year they started making them and when they were retired?

  10. I love all your MacKenzie-Child's pieces, but the frog vases are so unique. I love that one that has the knob on the top, makes it so different.

  11. Love them all. You have chosen a very unique container, and so beautiful, too! The flowers take a backseat to these pretty containers.

  12. I've never heard of the Mackenzie-Childs pieces before. Yours are fabulous! Your flowers look so nice in them too.

    Have a great day.

  13. I would loved to have one of these it would look great next to my nans bed at the nursing home........

  14. Wow! I always adored your collections Ricki. The pastel colors are like eye candy to me.

  15. Hi Ricki Jill!
    I had no idea MC made frogs like these.
    So pretty. Love all the painted details.
    I can see why YOU would love them!

    Sorry I did not get over here sooner to comment. Have been on college visits
    for five days and could not access comment boxes from my cell phone!

    (Had to have my daughter's techy bf post the party, my auto post did not work for some reason!)

    Thanks so much for sharing, as always --- you have never missed a party, I notice these things, RJ!

    Love ya!

    I wish I could buy that watercolor in your masthead. Wow... you are amazing.

  16. I'm visiting today from The Polohouse. I love flower frogs and collect them as well. Love to see them being used.

  17. Your MacKenzie-Childs frogs are so beautiful! The patterns are lovely and I like the little knob on the top. I hope you find more. I'll watch for them.

  18. I was bummed when I finally got my post ready, but the party was over.

    I love MacKenzie-Childs. The only thing I have is a black and white checked tea kettle. My sister has lots and lots of MC so I didn't want to copy her.


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