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Wit and Whimsy: Iris's Bath from The Holiday

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

One of Shelley's favorite movies is The Holiday.  I can't tell you how many times we've watched it.  Probably as many times as we've seen Practical Magic.  ;P  I've been dreaming lately of Iris's quirky bath in her cute Surrey cottage.

Sadly, this isn't a real bathroom.  Julia @ Hooked on Houses wrote a great post about the set from The Holiday.

Still, if I wanted a fantasy soak in a light-filled bath with lavender scented bath salts, I'd pick this bath!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. We are so alike...those two movies are on my yearly "must see" list! Classics. And I would love to have a bath like this although the light fixture about the tub makes me a little freakish! lol!


  2. Have not seen this movie, but the bathroom looks pretty special.

  3. I love that movie but cry like a baby every time I watch it and have to pick a good day if I wanna watch and get sad.
    When I was in Chicago, my sisters friends art space/apartment was fitting with a really cool bathroom very similar to this setting. As you soaked in a vintage tub the soothing sounds of the train passing by out the window. It was very movie set like and fit perfect in an artsy living space.
    Hope you are feeling better

  4. I could totally escape here! It is a very cool bathroom one must admit! Love it.

  5. You and I are channeling the same feeling! Today I am working with this image
    isn't it gorgious! Looks like it would fit right into your dream soak...and to think I have some lavender and lemon bath salts upstairs... to bad my bathroom isn't nearly as lovely.

    Have a wonderful day

  6. I love it, what a great room to have a low lit bath with the scented bath salts.

  7. Gads! I have never seen either movie!

  8. Love that movie! What I would give for a soak in that tub!! It's beautiful!

  9. I love that movie, too and have watched it over and over. I like The Last Holiday, too! Tonight we watched Enchanted...another favorite! Does she like that movie?

  10. So would I. I just need a table to put my glass of wine or cup of tea on.

  11. That movie made me like Jude Law, after years of absolutely hating him in everything. I lovedy love The Holiday! :D

  12. I've not seen the movie but the bathroom is stunning! What an incredible tub but the first thing I noticed was the floor. Way cool. :o)

  13. I need to see the movie if for no other reason than to see the house. Such a cozy retreat!

  14. I agree, wouldn't this be a wonderful bath to take a long soak. ;-)
    I'm off to read about this set........Sarah

  15. This bath is too cool to be real. Fantasy is a good thing!

  16. This is a sweet little movie. I was so into the cottage, and yes love that tub!

    The French Hutch


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