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My Happy List: Three Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I suppose that Mamarazzi is still on her break, and I don't have link coding, but I want to share My Happy List anyway!

My Happy List

1.   The Fresh Market had a display of vintage candy just in time for Halloween.  Seeing all the popular candies from my childhood made me smile!  


Do you remember Nik L Nips?  I loved those things!

2.   Bonnie was her typical naughty self and rolled in the mud on Monday.  I had to give her a bath, and poor things really needs to visit her groomer this week.  But I can't stay mad at her for long....just look at that innocent face!  :/ Her consternation at getting a bath made me smile and laugh!


3.   I follow Carol Marine's blog, and I had to giggle at one of her latest daily paintings.  The chicken is making googly eyes at the rooster!!!  ;P  Run little rooster, run!!!  Carol's paintings often make me smile!


Do you have any *happy* to share?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Love all your happy posts. Bonnie is the cutest. Mind you I'm partial to Westies. Linda

  2. you had me at the candy i was drooling

  3. That pooch would always make me smile. They are the cutest breed! My good friend has his twin. Not the calmest dog on the block, but a cutie!

  4. Oh, your puppy is so cute! See, pictures like that really make me want to get a dog... ;)
    All wonderful reasons to be happy!!

  5. Bonnie is the cutest little thing...she makes me happy toooo.

  6. What a pretty dog Bonnie is...her face just makes me smile!


  7. Ricki Jill,
    I love your happy posts. Your doggie is darling. I'm happy that it's officially fall and all that the season brings with it gives me a spring in my step and song in my heart. :-)

  8. Very cute and happy post!!! What makes me happy this week. My husband has been helping me make my office drapes :)
    I can't wait to finish them.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Awesome little dog you have there. So sweet. And I too loved those little waxy soda dips. Mmmm. I participated in the HAPPY list myself.

  11. I never could decide if I liked those wax bottles or not... I don't like food that's a lot of work each time you eat it... I don't like sunflower seeds in the shell for that reason lol. I do love seeing the halloween goodies out though!

    And Bonnie is super cute, as usual! :)

  12. Hi Ricki Jill, I'm happy because I finished making fall wreathes. A few more mums around and I'm done! I sure enjoyed your happy list...........Bonnie is adorable. Now I'm off to visit Carol's blog.

    The French Hutch

  13. I love sweet Bonnie! I'd like to bring her home with me for a little while :)

  14. Stopping by here always makes me happy...for real!

  15. Bonnie is the exact kind of dog I want. If I ever got a dog. Adorable!!

    On my happy list....I got picked to chaperone the upcoming pumpkin patch field trip!

  16. They even had those little wax bottles of juice when I was a little kid, along with wax lips, moustaches and whistles. I loved them!

    As for has been lacking a bit around our neck of the woods. However, a couple of days ago our friends got some really bad news about their 5 year old which really put all of my woes into perspective. So, I'm going to remember to count my blessings and quit whining.

  17. Do you remember Pixie Stix? I loved those...pure sugar. :o) Bonnie is pretty stinkin' cute...I couldn't resist that face either. Hope you week is going well!

  18. Bonnie is just adorable! She makes me want to have a Westie, even though I'm a 'big dog' person (of course, I've been wanting a Norwich terrier for some time now, too). Sounds like you're having a great week! :)

  19. I follow Carol Marine's blog as well.... I love getting her daily painting in my email every day. It is about one of the few things I enjoy getting versus all the spam that seems to overtake it these days.
    Bonnie is adorable!! I can now relate to the idea of a groomer. That is next on my list.

  20. She is just too cute..!

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina


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