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My Redecorated Room by Shelley

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi!  My name is Shelley, and I am writing this post about my room.  I wanted a bedroom re-do because my room had become too childish for me, I outgrew my bed, and I wanted to remove some things I no longer used. You can read about my old room here.  My mom said that it was the most viewed post ever on her blog!



I got my bedding from Target.  It is from the Simply Shabby Chic line.  I chose it because I like the pink flowers.


My dad made my headboard from salvaged wood he bought at Southern Accents.


I wanted to add some purple to my room.  I bought these frames from Southern Accents in Cullman, AL.  These are photos of my friends and me at the lake.


Miss Jane sent my mom this adorable Flora Doora.  It matches my bedding! We hung it from a Pier 1 hook directly onto my headboard.


Here are some of the girly pillows I really like.  The purple is my favorite.  It is silk, and Angele Parlange designed it, and I was named after her!  My middle name is Angele.


My favorite thing in my room is the vanity!! I am so girly and I LOVVVE makeup, and I needed my own space to apply makeup! I used to use it as a desk but decided not to anymore because we have a study where I can now do my homework! Anyway, I got the white vanity box from PBTeen, and I use the desk drawer as storage for the rest of the makeup that I don't use as often! As much makeup as I have, I was surprised how everything I needed fit in this! (:


This is what the vanity box looks like closed.  The white Hello Kitty contains several make-up brushes.


I really enjoy having this French memo board in my room.  I display stuff I like on it!


My dresser has some favorite books, salvaged wood and wallpaper picture frames, a Hello Kitty CD player, jewelry tower, and other stuff I really like.


I pick out my clothes everyday and put it on my PBTeen dress form.  The second favorite thing about my room is the hook from Pier1 for my purse.


I got this vanity set for my birthday.


The walls are painted Airway by Benjamin Moore.  The hanging light is by MacKenzie-Childs in the Honeymoon pattern.  My mom does not like the Honeymoon line!

I love this room, and I want to keep it like this for a long time.  It is girly, and so *me*.  I hope y'all enjoyed this post, and I hope y'all think my room is pretty!


Thank-you, Shelley, for writing this post about your new room.  You did not say that the blue is the same blue as your school colors {Go Jags}  :D

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. LOVE the room re-do, and I really like that paint color

  2. wow love it if i had a daughter i would love a room like this for her

  3. Shelley.....!

    What a pretty room, you've done such an amazing job, everything is so neat and tidy. That's just how I like to keep my home. I love your dedicated makeup centre, and your dressform!...and how cool is it that your dad made you the headboard!
    I can see that you are a well loved and cherrished girl, but I'm sure you already know that.

    Keep busy with things you love doing, have a great year at scool too.

    Thanks for sharing your space.
    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  4. Oh Shelley, your room is so girly & so pretty! I love the color of your walls and your Shabby Chic bedding. I'm really crazy for your headboard! Your dad did such a wonderful job on it. I would love a headboard like that for myself! My daughter who is 14 years old has looked at this post and she, too, loves your room!

  5. What an awesome room! I love that it not only suits your age and style but it is really chic! I love the headboard, very cool!

  6. Okay I can see you have really good taste, I have the same bedding, lol :)
    Love how shabby chic it all is, so comfy and pretty.
    That is amazing how much that little vanity box holds, pretty cool

    I have enjoyed your tour. I am sure you will enjoy that room for a long time.


  7. Shelley, Your room makeover is simply beautiful! I love the colors you have chosen! I was so flattered to see you included one of my Flora Dooras in your new room! I never thought of hanging one on a headboard with a hook! She looks perfect there!
    It makes me so happy that you are enjoying her, and she is a part of your new space! Jane Flora Doora

  8. Shelley, your room is very beautiful. It is easy to see that you are a very talented decorator. J

  9. I just love your room, Shelley! It fits you so well. Wasn't it fun to pick everything out?! Your bedspread is so pretty, I love the Rachel Ashwell line at Target very much and your headboard is beautiful and unique! Love your vanity, too! Great job! :)


  10. Hi Shelly, You did a beautiful job on your new bedroom. What a great headboard and I love the pretty bedding you choose. I think the Flora-Dora looks so sweet hanging from the headboard. Your hutch looks so pretty with the framed pics and I love your Hello Kitty bag. How did you ever talk your mom into giving you the MC light fixture? It looks fab in your room! I think you will enjoy all the choices you made for your room all during your HS days.
    Beautiful, beautiful…….

    The French Hutch

  11. It looks perfect. Grown-up, but still youthful. (The old room was pretty cute, too.) The Shabby Chic bedding is great. My daughter uses it too in her apartment. Great job!

  12. Fabulous shabby chic through and through, love the dresser! Well done Shelley you have done a great job on your room.

  13. You did a beautiful job of decorating your room, Shelley! I love all the special & feminine touches you've added. It's also wonderful that your Dad made your headboard. Good luck in high school!


  14. Shelley,
    Great job, your room looks fresh and sweet. I love the linens. Congratulations.

  15. Love the new look, Shelley. Definitely very girly girl. :)

  16. Shelley,
    What a beautiful, tranquil room--the perfect place for you to relax after a busy day at school. So many wonderful details. Great job!
    Carole (Stapes)

  17. Shelley, I really love your new headboard and the pier one hook is just perfect on it! The Shabby Chic line at Target makes me smile! I bought the white bedspread there in the spring!

  18. Love your room and all of your personal touches. Enjoy :) Laurel

  19. Very cute! I sent the link to this post to my daughter to show to my granddaughter who is 10. I think she will like it!

  20. What a wonderful Room!Simply gorgeous : ) Know that I am sending you tons of hugs -- prayers and positive thoughts this week!!! know that I am an email away if you need me -- for now -- enjoy a cup of tea! sending tons of hugs...

  21. What a pretty room make over, Shelley! It's such a nice bedroom with an awesome range of soft colours :) Love the pillows on the bed! Greetings from Australia♥

  22. Dear Shelley...I remember when I was just a little younger than you and I redecorated my room with my mom. We painted, sewed and fixed it all up. You will always remember this as a special project you worked on with your mom. It turned out fabulous too!

  23. Hi Shelley, I love your room! The headboard is my most favorite, but it is all just darling. The desk turned vanity is so cute and I love the hanging light. I am not sure how old you are, but this is a room that will grow with you. So, so cute!
    p.s. My room was girly and lavender when I was growing up. I remember loving it so much!

  24. shelly, you did a marvelous job on this bedroom. It is very sweet, romantic and grown up. Simply beautiful. ;) Mica @ the Child's Paper

  25. What a great post Shelley. I love your new bedroom. I'm someone who loves blue as well, so I am totally with you on loving the colour of the walls. There are so many cute things in your room, but I think my favourites are the headboard (what a sweet Dad to make it for you and I love the white weathered boards), the hook to hold your purse, and the vanity box that closes up (very clever). I hope you make many good memories in your new room over the next few years in high school.

  26. what a cool headboard! and the colors are just perfect!

  27. Thanks for sharing the details about your room, Shelly. Looks like a fun place to hang out.

  28. Wow Shelley you have such great taste and style. It looks straight out of a magazine. I love that your dad did the headboard. That is something to keep forever.

  29. Shelley,
    What a lovely room. I have always thought the color blue makes a room charming. I love the Pier 1 hook for your purses. Pier 1 is my favorite store ever. The little chair in the corner is sweet. Your white hutch reminds me of the one my girls had when they were young. I love it! So sorry that I gave it away. I see that you like the color purple too. Thanks for giving us a peek into your special space.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  30. Hi Shelley! Thank you for sharing your room. I love the combination of blue walls and white ceiling. Your room provides a relaxing and calming atmosphere. I love it. Even the pieces are something to love. I remember on of your photos, the one with your friends. Your mom posted it months ago and it reminded me of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. You are blessed to have good friends and of course, a great mom.

    Have a great week!

  31. Shelly your room is lovely thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Sorry I'm so late in sending my thanks xo

  32. You did a great job Shelly! So many sweet touches and very girly. Love the headboard along with the hooks you have. Super sweet room.

  33. Oh Shelley, your room is so beautiful. I love everything you did. Love the headboard and the photo frames, they both rock! Awesome job, enjoy your new space!

  34. Hi Shelley! Your room is beautiful and I enjoyed the post you wrote! Thank you for sharing your room at Potpourri Friday!

  35. Hi Shelley! Your room is gorgeous and perfect, each element is lovely and you did a fabulous job decorating it. I can see you the apple didn't fall far from the tree! You are a great decorator!..."maybe you'd like to think on a career in Interior decor in your future? Thanks for sharing your pretty, romantic and very femenine bedroom.


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