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Favorites on the First: Favorite Recipe

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alison @ The Polo House is hosting Favorites on the First, and this month it's all about recipes.  I thought I would recycle a very old post about my Buttermilk Pie recipe, a Southern favorite.  This may not be my favorite recipe, but it is my most requested.  I served this a couple of years ago at my book club meeting when we read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alana Bradley (a Flavia de Luce mystery).



Yummy Buttermilk Pie

5 eggs (room temperature)
2 cups sugar
1 cup whole buttermilk
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 heaping teaspoon grated lemon rind (at least two lemons)
3/4 cup melted unsalted butter
1 1/2 tablespoons flour (all purpose)
2  8" pie shells (deep dish!)

Combine first two ingredients, and beat well.  Stir in buttermilk and next 2 ingredients.  Stir in melted butter and flour.  Pour into two 8-inch deep dish pie shells.  Bake at 275 degrees for ten minutes.  Increase to 300 degrees, and bake 45 - 50 minutes.

Garnish with fresh fruit, freshly ground nutmeg, lemon zest, mint leaves, and/or freshly whipped cream.


This is Andrea's pie she made from my recipe.  It looks great!  :D
I love Andrea's blog.  She aways cracks me up!  

Until next time....

Ricki Jill


  1. sounds interesting might have to try

  2. I agree with Becca!
    Sounds so old-fashioned.
    Is it like a custard pie?
    I will make this for my mother
    when she comes. It is right up
    her alley --- I can just tell!

    THANKS for sharing, Ricki Jill!

  3. I have always wanted to make this pie. I just love buttermilk. It makes everything better. Hope everyone is doing okay. I know you are busy so I hope you are holding up well. I am in the sick house. Three of mine including Dean are down and out with a bad cold and fever. Hope I don't get it.

  4. Looks Delicious!!
    We have become gluten free around here, so most desserts are off the menu now.
    Good side to it all is that my clothes are fitting much looser now ;)

  5. Yum! I've never had Buttermilk Pie, but I'd love to try it.

    Your painting of the kitchen, always amazes me. I love it!

  6. I've made and served this pie, and it was enjoyed!

  7. Hey! I recognize this!!!! :) "Rich" buttermilk is not a NY thing though, so don't panic if you can only find low fat. Still delish.

  8. I've never had a buttermilk pie~ it sounds wonderful and I bet nutmeg is a perfect addition!

  9. YUM! I haven't had buttermilk pie in ages...thanks for inspiring!

  10. What a great sounding pie-love that it's diet too! No? Oops, my bad:@) This Yankee's never had one, but would seriously love to try it!

  11. Oh my gosh Ricki Jill...this looks to die for! Definitely pinning it for later. Thanks for the reminder about Alison's party. I had forgotten. I'm going right now to link up. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. Yummy, sounds delish Ricki Jill. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Hope you and your family are doing well. Sending you a great big hug.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  13. I saved the PIC of the kitchen as "My Dream Kitchen" because that is exactly what I want my kitchen to look like if I ever get the money to completely gut and remodel my kitchen.

  14. Yum! Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I am always just STUNNED at your art work, is always so very good.

    Now, the pie.....well....I am on my way to the market to buy buttermilk. I know I can "make" my own but nothing tastes like the REAL thing....and if I am going to make pies, I want them to be as awesome as yours. :))
    hugs, bj

  16. umm my husband loves pie, I like the painting of the kitchen!

    Aloha Raliegh

  17. The pie looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by with your inspirational comment. New Follower.


  18. I'll bet that pie is as light as air with all those eggs. I stopped by to see what you've been up to. By the look of things around here - a LOT! Love your still life as your blog header, girl. And I see you have a new menu with lots of new categories. Must check them out. I've been busy with my blog also. There is always so much to do...not just writing posts, taking pictures, etc. but also Facebook, Twitter (don't always get to that one) and Google+ to name a few. Where do you party now? I haven't seen you lately. Must check out books you are reading. That's a wonderful feature. I'm always reading also. EXCELLENT IDEA!! How's your summer? Linda

  19. I love these pies, but have never made one...I pinned the recipe :)

  20. Chess pie is another of my favorites. One of my aunts made a chess pie for every holiday. I just may need to make one this weekend. I'll try your recipe. Thanks.......Sarah

  21. I love buttermilk pie. Mi just tried in recently when I moved down South. It is one of my favorites!

  22. You know, I have never made a buttermilk pie, but I think that's going to change!! Yours looks sooooo good.

  23. RJ, have you made this gluten free with the cup 4 cup? It sounds wonderful..

  24. This looks wonderful! I'm going to make it tomorrow! Thanks for visiting my garden blog and for your kind words!

  25. This looks great! Easy as pie....I am being so silly. Love new recipes. Thanks for sharing sweet Ricki Jill.


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