Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Happy List: She's Rather *Bookish*


Yet another theme for My Happy List, the most positive link party in the blogosphere!

My Happy List

1.   My nerdy daughter, Shanley Belle, has started her own blog, Chocolate and Happily Ever After.  She will be blogging about delicious guilt-free treats and books.   It is rather cute, and I hope y'all will go over there and say "Hi!" to her.  She would appreciate your feedback! Reading Shanley's blog makes me happy!


2.   Miss Angie @ My So-Called Chaos and Beth @ Living the Goddess Life are hosting a book swap after my own heart.  Participants will send three books to their partners:

Book #1: A Book You Love

Book #2: A Book You Haven't Read

Book #3: A Book Your Partner Wants

Swaps and new books make so very happy!!!

3.   Literary Friday will now be a link party!  I hope y'all will join in on the fun from time to time. The first party will be on Friday, June 8th.  Write a post about your Summer Reading Wish List if you want!  Hosting a new link party makes me very nervous happy!

4.    For those of you who are Outlander fans, this quote made me very happy this week:

"So they handcuffed me and said, 'Anything you say can and will be held against you.'  So I said, 'James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.'"

*giggles*  I love this!

What is making you happy this week?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


Five M&Ms said...

I LOVE the Outlander series!!! Now I want to go back and re- read it!

Looking forward to checking out your daughter's blog!

I'd love to link up with your new linky party, but I don't necessarily have a list. Guess I'm more a "fly by the seat of my pants" girl. :)

Bonnie said...

I'm so excited that you're hosting a reading linky party. I probably won't be able to link up every Friday, but I will certainly be a faithful linker!

Smallgood said...

Woohoo! A link party? Awesome. Must read faster.

Ginger Zuck said...

Congratulations to Shanley on her new blog and to you on the new Linky party! How exciting. Great things to be happy about.

Madeline said...

Book Swaps? AWESOME! Love your happy list!

becca said...

yay i'm doing the book swap to huggles and i'm following your daughters blog now food and books i'm totally in

Karena said...

Hi Ricki Jill!! How great is this!? I will be on my way to visit you daughters site!!

Do come and see my interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and enter to win her Fabulous Book! Winner chosen May30th

Art by Karena

Karena said...

Ricki Jill you new profile pic is beautiful I did not realize that you changed your hair , love it!!

Art by Karena

Aubrey S. said...

That book swap sounds like a lot of fun. I really need to see if I can still join in.

Have a fabulous short week!

Linda said...

Hi Ricki, love your new hair colour. Thanks for the info on your daughters blog.
I will check it out.
Have a great day!

ImSoVintage said...

Your happy lists always make me happy. Just jumped over and followed Shanley's blog. The cookies sound really good :)

Gayla said...

Love your new hair color! The links party sounds fun! Have a super week!

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Definitely going to go check out Shanley's blog! That is so neat that she is starting blogging :D The book swap sounds awesome, I am so bummed that I don't have the moolah to participate. Great happy list!

Andrea said...

So. Excited to check out Shanley's blog!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Okay I am off to visit her blog. I wish my Lindsey would start one. I keep trying to talk her into it.

Garden, Home and Party said...

Ricki Jill,
I just left a comment (I thought) and it disappeared! So if it magically appears and you see I've left another just know it's the computer elves, at it again.
I love happy lists. Such a great idea. Shanley's blog is wonderful...you must be so proud AND happy!

Debbiedoo's said...

LOVE your gorgeous profile pic. You are a blondie now I see. Hope to see you for the copy cat challenge coming up Wed..night!

Paula said...

I'm somehow missing the profile picture that others can see.

I visited Shanley at her new blog and hope she has fun with it.

If I ever get a summer reading list together, I'll certainly participate in your new party.

Shanley said...

I love this happy list!!! And I'm taking the nerdy comment as a compliment, thankyouverymuch! :)

Blondie's Journal said...

I have to check out Shanley's blog. Hurray for her! The book swap sounds fun and I'm happy to hear you started a party! It will be wonderful!


Shanley said...

By the way-- I'm so happy people are coming to see my blog!*So exciting*

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The book swap looks like lots of fun and I'm looking forward to your linky party! I'm off to visit Shanley! Hugs!

Jolene said...

Good for your daughter. A book swap sounds like a lot of fun!

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