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Summer Containers

Monday, April 16, 2012


This little sap bucket is by our front stairs.  I planted million bells and verbena in it.

We gardened for most of the day Saturday.  I planted several containers, and here are a few of my favorites.

Last week, I posted this photo that is the inspiration for some of our annual containers.


Here is one of the containers I planted.


I love million bells and the pink lemonade petunias.

This is the succulent pot that inspired me.



Here are some of our succulent pots.  We did not lose many of our succulents from last year, but we did replace maybe three plants in all.  The hanging basket is new.


I only needed to replace two plants in this earn, one in the other one similar to it.


This hanging basket is new, but I planted it myself with the succulents.


This is a tea cart we never use.  I put succulents on top, and pots, watering can and mister on the bottom shelf.


Tell me about your plans for your garden this summer.  I would love to read about them!  More about our roses and hydrangeas later.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Beautiful planters.Can't go there till May, hoping sooner.
    I'm so excited. Today I'm off to the city
    At the Metro Convention Centre. It will be live tonight @8 pm on OWN TV, This is her only Canadian Stop.

  2. Your succulents are gorgeous. I love how you were able to really recreate ideas you loved from your inspiration photos.

  3. Oh so pretty! Everything looks great! (Now if I was your neighbor, I could look at all your pretty blooms all the time! heehee)
    The wreath on your front door is probably one of my favorites. Unfortunately, we don't usually plant anything around here until May. :(

  4. I can see you garden is as pretty as your home! Wish you could come to my house and work your magic for me.

    I love all your plantings. I use lots of succulents too. We travel a lot in the summer and in Florida, I have to have plants that don't mind getting way too much water, or nothing at all!

  5. Your containers are looking so beautiful, mine are still in winter mode, pansies and a few succulents, really looking forward to being able to do some summer planting but it is still too cold here.

  6. Che belle composizioni floreali!Buona settimana!Baci,Rosetta

  7. You've touched on one of my favorite topics, Ricki! I love unique and fun flower containers. The older and chippy looking the better too! Gorgeous ideas!

  8. Ricki Jill, you certainly have a green thumb! Time well spent when you have beautiful plants and flowers like this. I love the wreath with one of my favorites, Johnny Jump Ups, really beautiful. It will also look lovely with succulents for summer. What a great idea.
    Love your bucket, I have one hanging on my side entrance door, it has bonjour. I've had it for years and loved using is all over.
    Have a great week.

    the French Hutch

  9. Everything is looking so pretty, Ricki Jill. Another two weeks before I can start to plant the containers. I did start the cleanup yesterday, though in preparation.

  10. You have such a green thumb and I love your containers but they jump up wreath is so pretty. I just love it. So different. I have a succulent wreath but it is small and sort of over grown now.

  11. Beautiful... beautiful!! I love gardening and flowers, I wish I got to our garden this weekend!

  12. Our backyard is being landscaped tomorrow!!!
    So excited that we will finally have a yard.
    Since it is the desert though, its not real, only the fake stuff is good for this climate.
    It will include a putting green and fountains so I think it will turn out amazing :)

    PS I got an comment about and email from you but never received one. Wasn't sure if you were trying to contact me???

  13. Ricki, they are all so beautiful. Love your container plants. I wish suculents did good here, but they don't:(! I have not planted any of my pots yet, got to wait a couple more weeks. I do have a large planter on the patio with lettuce that is doing very well. Won't be long until I'll be able to eat it!!:D

  14. Well, since Summer usually begins after the 4th of July here in Oregon, I'll put out some things in pots on my deck, but I never expect them to do very well until then. I have a rose bush and some primroses, but since the deck faces North and doesn't get sun until June, not much else grows - except moss! I bought a beautiful pink azalea this weekend. I have hope it will like it. With rain expected every day until July I don't have much hope. Oh, well, it's Oregon - no bugs, no torrid heat - and I love it.

  15. I am sooo jealous. We have one last patch of snow covering a garden and then I am good to go. I have been trying to find some different ideas for our boxes that are off the deck but still looking.

  16. Love the wreath! I'm so glad it's finally "grow" weather!


  17. I love your inspirational pics and how you did yours from the pics. Great job. I love succulents - you did a great job on all of them. Now come do mine. I am not good at arranging plants like that.

  18. We don't start until a week before Mother's Day, I always fill up the hanging baskets and buy Boston Ferns. One for the front of the house and two for the back buy the pool. I did hang a birdhouse in a tree that I bought from TJMaxx;)

  19. Looks like you are a bit further along than me on potting. I think they are going to be fabulous when they overflow with growth and beauty.

  20. You did an awesome job on the plantings. It makes me want to go plant some more. I love the succulent planting in the urn.

  21. I am intrigued by the succulent wreath! I was trying to figure out how many succulents needed replacing or just some tlc in my three baskets. I always need an excuse (or not) to buy at least one new one!

  22. Your garden and home look so happy, fresh and Springy! I love succulents because I know I can't kill them. I just wish I had more luck with flowers!

    Best wishes for a beautiful week,
    Natasha in Oz

  23. Wow! I love the idea of your hanging basket where a variety of plants are housed together. I'm not into gardening but I always admire people who have the patience, effort and power to make such wonderful pieces of greeneries.

  24. What a beautiful wreath! Looking foward to see the new look!

  25. Love all your containers :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  26. All beautiful, but oh I just love that wreath on your door!

  27. I love this time of year and a being able to fill the planters. Your wreath is beautiful and the succulents look wonderful. Hugs, Sherry


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