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My Happy List #46 and an Update on Holly

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today's list is rather random!

My Happy List

1.   Shanley Belle is home from college for Spring Break.  I am so happy to have her home! Shelley's Spring Break is not until next week, so we will not be taking a trip this year.

2.   My mom gave me the cutest little sign for my office area in our kitchen. Surprises always make me happy!


3.   I spent some time talking with Holly last week.  She has started her chemo, and I want you all to know that you have made her so happy by sending her cards.  I was so happy getting a chance to catch-up with her, and it made me happy to hear how much her attitude has improved.  The kindness you have shown Holly has made me so very happy!

4.   I love daylight savings time!  I like having more light in the afternoon.  It means I have great light later in the day for painting.  Lighter afternoons make me so very happy!

5.   I just finished a healthy cooking course, and I learned so much!  Learning new things makes me so very happy!  I want to take the next course that will start in April.  In the coming weeks, I will be sharing recipes and other tips I learned while taking the course.

What is making you happy this week?  Join Mamarazzi, and share your happy!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Spring break makes me happy, too! And I hate the time change, but I love that it's light out later.

  2. Love your happy list... I also love that sign, it is so nice and colorful!

  3. Great Happy List! I would love to take a healthy cooking course. We have actually looked in to it. How fun!

  4. I think if figured out what was the problem that I could not my Chrome browser I had to enable third party cookies....

  5. Great happy list! I love that sign! I have one for my daughter that's kind of like that but it's pink and says "princess" on it. And I completely agree about daylight savings. I wish they'd have daylight savings and just keep it around all year!
    Nice to "meet" you! :)

  6. You have so much to be happy for, your list made me smile! I'm happier with the longer days, too. I couldn't believe it was still light out at 7:00 p.m. last night!

    Have a great week!


  7. That course sounds perfect. Yes please share. I just got done sharing my daughter's chicken stips and fries while we were out for Tuesday school. Very bad. I have a physical at the end of the week. Nothing but salads and chicken the rest of the week for me.

  8. You always have the best happy lists! Enjoy your time with Shanley!
    I'm glad to hear that Holly is doing better...thank God for that!

  9. I'm so glad that you're having such a good week. Hope your time with your girls is fabulous!

  10. Once my kids get back on a sleep schedule after the change....then I very much like Day Light Savings time.

  11. That is one great happy list! Hope the week continues on this trend!

  12. Wasn't it just Christmas break?? Glad Shanley is home for a good break. It will be fun. I hope Shelley's projects are done and she did good. Love your happy list. You always have the greatest! Enjoy your Spring.

  13. I'm happy to hear that Holly is having a great friend in you. I love the signage your mom gave you. Beautiful!

  14. aww enjoy the time with your girlies even if you don't take a trip i know there will be lots of fun to be had, you are creative like that!!

    i am HAPPY the the prayers are reaching Holly.

    thanks for linking up my friend, great things to be happy about!!

  15. I'm glad you are happy-enjoy the time with the girls. Learning new things makes me happy, too. Cheers

  16. I love your Happy Posts. I'm enjoying the time change too. I crave the sunshine and the time change gives me more of it. Oh, want to know what's making me happy these days? My daughter and her husband are expecting our first grandbaby in September! I can't wait!

  17. I love that sign your mom got for you!! Surprises are the best!!!


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