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Musical Monday: Best Performance from the Grammys

Monday, February 20, 2012

We listen to lots of Taylor Swift around here because our fourteen year old daughter, Shelley, loves her.  I like her, too, and I think that Shelley could not have chosen a better role model. Watch her performance at this year's Grammy Awards, and notice her reaction at the end when she receives a standing ovation:

Taylor Swift performs "Mean" at the 2012 Grammy Awards

I love this song.  It reminds me of when Shanley Belle (our nineteen year old) was thirteen and in middle school.  There was a girl in our neighborhood who was nasty and mean to her.  We were telling an elderly friend about this mean girl when she walked into the restaurant where we were eating lunch. This sweet lady looked at the girl, her eyes got really large, and she said:"That is the mean girl?  SERIOUSLY?  I thought that she must be pretty. Why, good heavens! She isn't pretty enough to be THAT mean!!!"

We laughed so hard we cried.  So now whenever anyone is mean at Shelley's middle school, she just shakes her head, and says, "I'm sorry...but you aren't pretty enough to be that mean!"

What have you been listening to lately?  Please join Miss Angie for Musical Mondays.

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Ricki Jill


  1. I love Taylor too and I do think she is a wonderful role model for young women and (old) ones too! AND, how she does not let mean people get over on her! I admire that quality in her.

    I am addicted to Adele right now. I'm wearing her CD 21 out right now! She tickles me to death.

  2. THE PERFECT comeback! Wish I would have known that line when I was 13 and treated horribly by a few mean girls in junior high. Taylor Swift is a doll and so down to earth sweet.


  3. Great story to accompany the music. We have had lots of music from the recent San Remo Festival to listen to. I posted a Sunday Song for it yesterday.

  4. Thank you so much for linking up! I really do like this song, she's so adorable!

  5. She is really an ideal role model for so many ages right now. I find her so authentic given the environment she works in. Taylor maintains a sense of humour and certainly pride in her values. We really enjoyed her performance as well.

  6. great choice, she seems to have her head on straight for sure.
    So many go a little crazy with all the attention but not she.

  7. Every time my daughter Adele hears Adele on the radio she says, "Be quiet everybody I'm singing." But nobody can sing as deep and soulful as the late Whitney Houston. I think that she had the best voice ever!!! I'm getting my blog all ready. I agree with you about the mean thing. Pretty can be mean, oh yes it can. Thanks for the post!

  8. We didn't see the Grammy's, but we do like Taylor Swift. We didn't know anything about her until we happened to see her interview on 60 Minutes (I think) & thought the same thing -- great role model. Our 12 year old twin granddaughters are fans of hers, which makes us happy.

  9. Taylor's reaction is so sweet! How could you not love it?

    Shelley's attitude is the best! Gotta love that too!

  10. She did seem quite amazed at her standing ovation. My daughter told me that not only does she write her own lyrics and music, but she designs her owns sets and videos. She is one talented girl!

    The Grammy's was a wonderful show this year. I really loved all of the entertainment!

    Love your little story about the mean girl. Wish I had something like that to say to my girls!


  11. You need to share this with this blogger: She wrote how her granddaughter was in tears over some mean kids. I find this to be so tough and grieving. My granddaughter will be going to school next year and I always worry about this angle---however her Mom has been teaching her well ....but human nature you know--kids can have such negative effects on others which can actually last a life time---I had some that have effected me---and I am just getting around to correcting that now that I am almost 60!!!!! Good post!!

  12. Hahaha! Nice. I don't think anyone's ever pretty enough to get away with it! Taylor Swift indeed seems like a sweetheart, and I hope she has a long and happy career ahead of her. I'm a fan of any young females in the fame scene who don't get bogged in scandal and drugs and whatnot!

  13. Thanks for always leaving such wonderful, warm comments...I just had to pop over and let you know how much I appreciate them. I love Taylor Swift, shes very down to earth and doesn't forget to be humble, and I love her shy innocence...definitely a great role model...I love the comment about the mean girl not being pretty...bullies are really very insecure people..too bad everyone can't be nice to each other...take care!!

  14. That is so funny. We just say they are jealous. Girls can be very mean. I am afraid my Maddy going to public h.s. next year will find this out for sure. Not a fan of the social antics of teens these days. Our society is declining so rapidly. Scares me.

  15. Terrific choise! I'm so happy your dear daughter loves Taylor, such nice role model for such young girl. Kids and parents have it taugh these days, wow, life and society is getting so scary and yes, declining fast as Elaine says! Thank you for your lovely visit. Have a blessed week.

  16. Taylor's the best! Such a great role model. She is one talented girl.

  17. i like your new header. Very pretty. Would love to see some live flowers right about now. Oh, well, the daffodils should be arriving soon in the northeast. :) I see that you have Linky Tools now. I also have it and would love to have you visit and link up that way. I hear that the GFC will soon be deleted? Is that true? Best wishes, Linda

  18. How funny! Last week I had a similar situation with my oldest. I'll have to tell him to do this. Thanks for the laugh.



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