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We Want to Know Wednesday #3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It is time for We Want to Know Wednesday @ Dandelion Wishes.


This week's questions are from Janette:

{1}Name five of your favorite new blogs that you're reading.
{2} When you were a young child or teenager, did you have an idea of how many children you wanted and what their names would be? Did you follow through on your ideas?
{3} "What is the silliest thing you fight with someone about? Could be your spouse, sibling, parents, co-worker etc."
{4} What is your favorite scent that other's may not find very nice? ie: gasoline, sweat from your sweetie, etc.
{5} Thoughts on Plastic Surgery? (had it? want it? regrets?)

1.   Five of my favorite new blogs that are new to me are:

Amanda Carrol at Home
Creative Carmelina
A Tiny Cottage on Grand
Four Leaf Clover Tales
Villa Barnes

If you look in my sidebar, there are many buttons for some of my favorite blogs!

2.   How many children I wanted as a teen, and what would their names be?

I never gave it much thought as a teenager, but I knew I always wanted daughters, and my two favorite names for girls:  Heather and Shelley.  We did name our second daughter Shelley, but I decided against Heather after seeing the movie Heathers.  That ruined Heather for me!

3.   What silly thing do you argue about?

We argue with our kids about when we are leaving to go to the lake on the weekends, and it is silly because everyone loves it once we get there.

4.   My favorite scent that others might fine yucky?

Definitely smells around the barn:  horses, leather, hay, etc.....

5.   My thoughts on plastic surgery?

I am scared of it!  I am even more frightened of Botox.  The only thing I might would consider would be collagen injections, but with my allergies, I bet I'm allergic to it.

Thank-you Mamarazzi and Janette for a fun list of questions!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I like the smell of leather but when I smelled the Yankee Candle of that scent, I was kind of disgusted. I guess you can't capture it in a jar!

  2. I do love leather smell in a brand new car! yum!! I'm scared of botox too... I'd be scared my face wouldnt react right and I'd be all caddiwhompered.

  3. The movie Heathers does put a new spin on that name!! haha

  4. I'm afraid of Botox too. I seen some over-injected lips and brows that have made me roll my eyes (later, of course).

  5. Good Morning Ricki Jill! My favorite scent would have to be the 'Christmas Tree." I have always loved it, even as a little girl. By the way, thank you for visiting today. I don't mind at all if you post about your tomatoes and the Insalata Caprese recipe. Jess made those, and she would be honored.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. Oh, I love the smell of barn (horse and hay)! Good choice. :)

    And don't you hate when a movie, or song, or bad encounter with someone, ruins a name for you? But Shelley is a great pick, especially that spelling of it.

  7. The smell of a barn--hay and horses and grain--smells good.

  8. I always love your lists! I need some Botox between my eyes...I frown from the bright sun! But I would be TOO afraid to do it! I was afraid just getting my ears pierced! lol ♥

  9. I am with ya on the botox and surgery stuff. No way. I love the smell of leather too.


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