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Literary Friday: One Magic Moment

Friday, May 6, 2011


This week I read One Magic Moment by Lynn Kurland.  I decided to read something I knew would be a good read, plus I wanted to revisit characters I have loved for many years. Everyone around here has been so traumatized by the tornado devastation, that I needed the literary equivalent of comfort food, hence the Lynn Kurland selection.

Before any of you "balk" at my choice, let me say that, yes, Lynn Kurland is a romance writer, and, no, I rarely read this genre.  However, I have read all of Lynn's romances, and a couple of books from her fantasy series.  Lynn Kurland is an incredible writer, regardless of genre, and I highly recommend all of her books.  If you visit Lynn's website, there is a book reading order that I suggest you follow.  I would start reading about the MacLeod family first, and then the DePiaget family.  You can view the reading order here, and you can visit Lynn's website here.

My eighteen year old daughter loves Lynn's books, too.  With Every Breath and The More I See You are her two favorites.  She told me this week that she is saving With Every Breath to re-read after graduation for her graduation gift to herself.  I like her reading these books because they are PG, with only maybe two or three that would be considered PG-13. Although Shanley tends to favor the books about the de Piaget family, I am all about the MacLeods:  A Dance Through Time and A Garden in the Rain are my favorites.

Kurland's latest, One Magic Moment, is about a brilliant medieval scholar named Tessa Alexander who has inherited Sedgwick, an English medieval castle.  She drops off her car at the local garage and runs into the most handsome mechanic who must be the twin of her sister Pippa's husband, Montgomery.  But John the mechanic can't possibly be Montgomery de Piaget's twin, because Montgomery de Piaget is a fourteeenth century knight, and her sister lives with Montgomery in the past.  The two are instantly attracted to each other against their better judgment, but Fate and Karma have other plans for the two reluctant sweethearts.  In addition to the two not communicating with each other,  someone is stalking John: someone who knows he is not from this century.  Lack of communication does become a problem in this book; there were times I became very frustrated with John and Tessa's lack of forthrightness.

I really enjoyed this story.  I enjoyed revisiting the De Piaget family, and I loved getting to know John as an adult because he was a child in all the other books.  I found him to be a very likable character, and he is one of my favorite de Piagets (next to Kendrick, of course). The antagonist's storyline and its resolution was brilliant.  I was wondering where it was headed, and I was surprised and pleased with the resolution.  There is an element of sadness in this book as Tessa has been mourning her sister's "relocation" to the fourteenth century.  There is also a sad situation for fans of the series, but it was necessary for the plot.  This weekend, I am going to re-read Madelyn and Patrick's story (A Garden in the Rain) if I have the time.

Until next time...

Happy Reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. You had me at the cover. How do you find all these fabulous reads? Are you in the book store every week? I have not been reading as much lately. Just so busy wrapping up the school year here and I have been pooped at night lately. Fall right off.

  2. I read A Dance Through Time and love it. I will have to get this one, it sounds wonderful.

  3. Adding these to my list. Thanks for the suggestions. I need some good reads.......
    Jane (artfully graced)


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