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Design Influence: Mary Engelbreit

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I was a huge fan of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion Magazine.  I was so sad when the magazine died.  It felt like the death of a good friend.  I wept.

Fortunately for me, I did keep a few of my favorite issues.  One of my favorites is the April/May 2007 issue that celebrates the magazine's tenth birthday.  Inside, there is an article entitled Our Top 10 Decorating Tips.  I would like to share them with you.

1.  Inspiration Station

I have a mood/bulletin board in my kitchen next to my desk.  I bought the bulletin board from the Ballard Designs Outlet in Atlanta several years ago. Supposedly there was something wrong with it, but I don't see it.  *pssst* Notice the Mary Engelbreit push pins.


2.  Compare and Contrast

Home Companion thought it was much more fun to mix the formal with the informal.  I have mixed a contemporary table with an antique armoire that belonged to my husband's great grandfather.


3.  Passion for Pattern

Mix-up the motifs in a similar colorway.


4.  Color, Fearless Color


5.  Re-user Friendly

I love frames made from recycled wood and metal.


6.  Art: It's Personal.

Yes.  It.  Is!


7.  Texture Zone

Home Companion suggested creating drama with contrasting textures.



8.  Living With Obsessions


Guilty as charged!

9.  Nature and Nurture

Home Companion had lovely pictures of outdoor living areas.  I will do a separate post on #9 this spring.

10.  A Place of Her Own


This is where I blog, on a built-in desk in my kitchen.  I also write letters, plan weekly menus and shopping lists, and dream of projects I'd like to complete.

Were any of you Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion fans?  I miss the magazine so much. One of my favorite articles in each issue was the Artist's Workshop.  I found the artists and their creative spaces and work inspiring.  I am beginning to plan our art studio that will be located in our living room.  I wish I had  a new issue of Home Companion Magazine for inspiration.

This concludes my mini series on design influences.  You can read my posts about Kaffe Fassett here and Rachel Ashwell here.

A reminder: Bonnie and I will be hosting a "What We're Reading" Linky Party on the twentieth of every month, starting this month!

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Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Ciao Ricki,ho gradito molto la tua visita ed il commento di poco fà.Ho visitato il tuo post,mi piace molto l'armadio antico collocato nella sala da pranzo(dentro si puo' mettere tanta apparecchiatura tavola).E' bellissimo il lampadario!Ciao,ciao,Rosetta

  2. Nope, never read the magazine. I actually never ordered magazine's back then. I can tell you did, you have a cute Mary E. style going on! Have a good one.

  3. I vaguely recall the magazine, although I didn't subscribe to it. Sounds like I missed something great. I can say that I do love Mary's cheerful style though.

  4. I like looking at pictures of other people's bookshelves. Weird I know! I like how you have your Ariana Franklin books tied in a bundle. Only 2 Diana Gabaldon and 1 Cassandra Clare though? Probably the rest in paperback?

    We get used copies of Home Companion Magazine into the used bookstore sometimes, and they are always snapped right up.

    Carole (Stapes)

  5. Ricki, thanks for the visit, and for inviting me over. Yes, I very much miss Home Companion. I have all the back issues that I ever received. I visit them like old friends. It's fun to pull out the relevant months. Each is full of inspiration. I've most of the ME pieces that I either purchased or received as gifts through the years. And yes, MacKenzie-Childs is another love. We do share several things in common. Love the new spring designs.
    Hope to see you again.

  6. Hi Ricki~ Love your beautiful inspirations- I haven't ever read that magazine- but it looks quite inspiring for many reasons! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  7. I love seeing how the magazine inspired you over the years! It was always such a visual treat when I'd get a new issue in my hands. Loved it. Crossing my fingers that they can find a way to bring it back!! :)


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