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I (blog about) Sins, Not Tragedies

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upon returning home from a weekend trip to Atlanta, this is what I found:

Everything in my front garden was gone, except the two crepe myrtles and leyland cypresses. Even the grass was missing.  The original plan was this: remove the juniper bushes in the front and replace them with double knock-out roses.

Obviously, there was a slight miscommunication.  My roses are gone.  My azaleas?  Gone. My Japanese honeysuckle, Lady Banks rose over trellis, and gardenias?  Gone, gone, and...oh, yea...gone.

I know it was not a life or death situation, and there are far worse things that can happen in life.  It was not a tragedy, but it was a tremendous disappointment.  I worked hard to keep my roses black-spot free (which is a feat in Alabama, I tell ya!), and I fed and babied my beautiful azaleas.  Oh, well. That's what I get for leaving town when we are beginning a big project (which, at the time, I did not realize was going to be so big).

My husband is a prince, and he helped to make it right.  The company he hired was the best, and all the gentlemen tried very hard to design, build, and plant a lovely front garden.

Here are the results:

We now have a brick retaining wall that matches the brick on our house. They moved one of our crepe myrtles, and committed crepe murder on them! I am thinking about adding a few knock-out roses to curve around the left-hand side of the wall.  It might soften it some. Do you think it's a good idea?

Here are a few close-ups of the foundation plantings you can't see from the street.  Now I have camellia and hydrangea babies to take care of (I have never had either before).

I also planted three planters for some fall color:

We also planted bunches of rosemary by the front steps.  According to lore, rosemary keeps unwanted guests away from your home.  We are hoping it will repel deer so they won't eat our flowers!

I am looking forward to the shrubs maturing, and I am anticipating beautiful camellias by Christmas.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. HI, Ricki Jill, thanks for stopping by. Oh my, you must have been heartbroken about your landscaping situation, but it sure looks beautiful now. Gorgeous! I think some knock-outs would be great. I have a row of them & love them.

    There's a group of bloggers here who get together for lunch once a month & tomm. we'll be meeting downtown at Urban Standard in case you'd like to join us! Alabama Bloggers is the blog that hosts & plans, so check them out. There's a link on my Blogs page.

  2. Thanks, Rhoda! I will see if I can make it tomorrow. Thanks so much for the information about the link!

  3. it looks lovely! so sorry you lost all the plants and bushes in the beginning!

  4. What a wonderful end result! I am sure you were dismayed when you saw the initial barren ground..


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