Monday, January 9, 2012

If this video does not make you smile....

....Nothing.  Will.

Beach trip anyone?  I think David Gandy is too, too cute.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill

Art @ Home
Art @ Home

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  1. Fun cheery music too!
    I did smile...thanks for sharing.

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Beautiful car!
    Your bathroom inspiration photos are truly inspiring. Gorgeous!

  3. That was fun! I'm going to agree with your thoughts on David Gandy...too cute.

  4.'s a winner in my book! I LOVE Lucky brand! It's just about my very favorite brand right now. I carry a Lucky wristlet and wish I could afford the jewelry! I keep looking at it! I hope you are still feeling better, my friend! Take care of yourself this week! Hugs! ♥

  5. Pretty darn cute. I wish I looked like that in a bikini :)

  6. OK... I want all the clothes and that car and David Gandy, too (just kidding!). This definitely made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh, I am always happy to look at David Gandy....


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