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Help Me Select a Christmas Book!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  Sometimes on Wednesdays I share a "What I'm Reading Wednesday" post, but not today because last night was book club and currently I'm reading nothing.  ;P   

But Lovelies, I need your help... I've read two Christmas themed books so far, including:

One of the best books I've ever can read my review and an excerpt HERE.

Below are several book covers, and yes, I'm asking you to choose a book for me to read based solely on the cover.  You can tell me your pick in comments because Blogger no longer offers the polling widget.  

You have five to choose from, and I appreciate your input because I'm clearly having a hard time choosing!

I will also be reading Comfort & Joy as well (I shared it on my Ann Arbor post last week).

Thanks so much!  I'm looking forward to see what y'all pick for me to read!  

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. You can't go wrong with Debbie Macomber. She always creates such a wonderful town with endearing characters. I love getting my stack of Christmas books out and rereading some of the old classics or children's books. Enjoy!

  2. Love Debbie Macomber her writing is so sweet. Happy Wednesday. Such great choices for those upcoming winter days. xoxo Kris

  3. On Christmas Avenue sounds like a good one. A small town romance...perfect for me, I live in a small town. LOL

  4. Well, I love the Alps cover and I've been trapped at home for so long now, a "trip" abroad sounds like fun!!

  5. Oh, that's tricky. I like the Debbie Macomber cover best, I think but the title of the bookshop one more!

  6. They all look/sound good! The cover that caught my eye was A Bookshop Christmas~ happy reading!

  7. A few look very good but I would pick A BookShop Christmas.

  8. Christmas In The Alps.

  9. Thank you for the Christmas book list. My favorite time of year to read!
    I just finished A Bookshop Christmas and really enjoyed it. Next up is Christmas in the Alps. Love the covers. Happy Reading!!


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