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Little Inspirations

Monday, August 2, 2021


Happy Monday, My Lovelies!  It's August 2nd, and it seems like July lasted a very long time...probably because we're looking forward to a couple of trips this month.  Ahhhhh the anticipation of it all!

Today I'm sharing a few inspirations I've discovered recently.  

As y'all know, I always find inspiration in Daphne's Diary Magazine.  Each issue always features at least one creative artist or maker.  In this year's third issue, I enjoyed reading about artist Ruby Silvious.  Ruby is known for painting on used tea bags, and now she's exploring painting on vintage mail ephemera.  

This is the edition of Daphne's Diary in which Ruby's art is featured.

Does this tea kettle look familiar?

We have a tiny little first world problem in that we're constantly losing at least one of the five remote controls for our audio-visual equipment.  I've been searching for a small basket or tray to contain them, one that will fit on our small 14" diameter end table.

Then I saw this brilliant end table in the Sundance catalog:

It's called the Landon Side Table, it's pretty, plus there's a handy magazine/book cubby.

But here's the neatest feature:

The top's hinged to contain all the remotes Mr. Bookish Dilettante swears we need.
The price isn't half bad at $175.00.

I'll probably just find a tray or basket, but props to the designer of this piece of furniture!

Zinnias are everywhere this summer, and I always find them inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, we're looking at possibly planting one or two David Austin roses next year, and I saw this beautiful bunch on the Terrain website.  HERE is an interesting interview with David Austin about the Fascinating History of his roses.

Aren't they beautiful!  

I enjoy sending little care packages to Shanley Belle and Christopher in Michigan because they're so far from home, and they haven't met many friends yet.  Both are avid readers, and Christopher loves coffee.  

These cute bookmarks are from BookologyCo via Etsy.
The shop sales bookish items with a vintage feel.

Finally, I want to encourage y'all to visit the Mad Tea Parties if you haven't already.  I found tons of inspiration on these posts!

You may visit my party HERE.

Don't forget that we're starting a new adventure today.  It isn't too late to join us....we'd love to have you!

Click HERE to find out more.

What's inspiring you today?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh I love that table and all the pretty things you've shared. I'm so ready to change things up around here and freshen things. You always inspire me!

  2. The table is lovely.
    I love that you are sending care packages to your family in Michigan. That is nice to get reminders of home.

  3. I had the same problem with remotes, I want them stored. I love the Sundance table, how cute and serviceable. I found my solution with a pretty velvet lined black box just the right small size to sit on the coffee table, found at an antique shop. I love Daphne's Diary and yes, it's full of inspiration. Lucky you, traveling soon! Happy week.....

  4. The table sure would be nice to hide the remotes, but then you couldn't put anything on top...well you could, but then you'd have to move the stuff to get to the remotes, and that would drive me crazy. The bookmarks are perfect for your avid readers, and those David Austin roses are dreamy *sigh*.

  5. Cute bookmarks, a sweet surprise in your daughter and sil's mail. Lately I'm inspired by soft, pima cotton t-shirts from Orvis. I'm purging old ones and getting a few to replace (and did I mention they're on sale?!). I love functional furniture like that table!

  6. How on earth does one paint on a used tea bag???? The book marks are cute, I'm sure they love your care packages! What is it about guys and remotes, that drives me crazy too...I'm sure you'll find the perfect way for hiding them in plain sight!

  7. I love Daphne's Diary, too. And that table is terrific -- except knowing me, I'd put a heavy lamp on top of it and every time I wanted the remote, I'd have to juggle. I'd probably end up putting them in the magazine rack in the side. Love those bookmarks -- I need to check out her site.

  8. So many pretty shares, and they're all lovely, but those library card check out bookmarks are darling! Enjoy your trips!


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