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Tales of the Traveling Tote: Baton Rouge

Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy March!


Hello, My Lovelies!  This quarter's Tales of the Traveling Tote features Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Baton Rouge is the state capital of Louisiana and the home of the Louisiana State University, home of Mike the Tiger.  It's located on the Mississippi River.

Geaux Tigers

I first went to Baton Rouge in mid-October for Shanley Belle's dissertation defense.  Unfortunately, it was via ZOOM.  I kept her puppies quiet while she defended, but I got tp be in her home office when they congratulated her and called her Dr. Treleaven for the first time.  Shanley will keep her maiden name professionally because the most renowned person in her field is named Dr. Smith, LOL!  

Shanley Belle and Christopher on the day of her defense.  She has been hired by the University of Michigan Medical School as a Research Fellow in Pediatric Neuroimaging.  
Christopher will be working in the pediatric clinic across the street, and they will be relocating to Ann Arbor soon.

Of course we had to go out and about to celebrate Shanley Belle's achievement, so we took her to a few of her favorite places in Baton Rouge.

We visited Sweet Baton Rouge for a few local items...we must stock-up on the purple and gold before Michigan swag takes over their closets!

This is one of my favorite coffee shops in town.

But Shanley Belle prefers tea, so she loves going to Teatery.

Teatery features bubble tea with tapioca pearls.

We also love another Asian business, Sweet Society.  Their treats are fantastic, and my favorite is their ice cream.

The interior is fun, plus they play Asian videos and movies.  I prefer Korean TV shows and movies above Japanese and Taiwanese shows.

I like the taiyaki.  The chocolate fish-shaped waffle can be filled with delicious delights like custard or Nutella.  

I returned to Baton Rouge in late December for Shanley Belle's graduation.  It was in the stadium, and it was so cold, like in the twenties in the morning, and it was very windy.  Although I packed La Countess de Monet, I couldn't take her on LSU's campus.  We had to carry see-through plastic purses for security.  Graduates did not get to go on the stage and receive their diplomas, but they did get their names on the Jumbotron.

Here are a few of the awards Shanley Belle either won or was nominated for while at LSU:

LSU Distinguished Dissertation College Nominee Spring 2021
LSU Dissertation Fellowship Award Spring 2020
LSU-Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Teaching Assistant Spring 2020
LSU Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award Spring 2020
CAPCSD Ph.D. Scholarship  Spring 2020
ASHA Pathways Program  Spring 2020
NIH-NIDCD F31 Grant  Fall 2019
Delta Zeta Foundation Distinguished Woman Award Summer 2018 (her undergrad sorority...they provided a very generous grant for her research)
International Fluency Association Bursary Awardee Summer 2018

Thank-you for indulging my proud mama moments from last quarter.  I really didn't go anywhere else, but that's about to change in May!  :D  

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Be sure to join us June 1 for more adventures.  Hopefully by then we'll have herd immunity and will be able to travel more freely, and more states will open-up.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Oh, brag on, proud mama! What accomplishments! First, raising a strong woman of such capacity (takes one to grow one!), and secondly, being able to be a part of her lifetime achievements! And she's beautiful to boot! Congratulations on some very meaningful travel in these past few months. The best.

  2. Oh Ricki Jill, you must be so proud of your daughter, wow, that is quite a list of achievements and nominations! I guess you will be traveling to Michigan now, wow, that's quite a change from Louisiana! I used to have family that lived in Michigan and always loved visiting {in the summer!} I do hope you get to start traveling again soon, and we can resume our lunches with Emily...

  3. You should be very proud of your lovely daughter, she has achieved so much in her young life. So happy you were able to be there and share her joy. I'm sure you enjoyed your trip to Baton Rouge and I can't wait to see where your plans take you in the spring. Happy March RJ.......

  4. How special to be there for your daughter. She is an amazing woman. I know how proud you must be. Her accomplishments are over the moon. Baton Rouge looks like fun. My mom had family in Michigan and I have a blogger friend who lives there. I hope you can travel more this year. happy March Ricki Jill.

  5. Ricki Jill, this is a wonderful post on the celebration of Shanley Belle. Dr. Treleaven is a very accomplished young woman. Congratulations to your amazing daughter!
    Here's to traveling once again. I'm fully vaccinated as of last Thursday.

  6. Shanley is just so adorable. Her hubby is just as cute too. What great accomplishments for both of them. It is so heartwarming to see the new adults of today starting to accomplish wonderful things in the medical world. I know you are very proud of Shanley and rightly so. I am glad they found a home in Michigan near the university. Now your traveling tote will have Michigan to visit. Happy New Week. xoxo

  7. I feel your pride - isnt it a wonderful feeling to know you did a fabulous job raising her and encouraging her along the way? Congrats on all of her achievements and best wishes for her future success! Now you have a new place to travel to!!

  8. Congratulations!! You should be very proud! Well done to all.
    I am excited to see where you might visit in May... I think you will be heading North. ;-)
    High Fives to all. Love, Carla

  9. Of course you should brag on your daughter! What an achievement!! Best of luck to Stanley Belle and Christopher as they head to Michigan.

  10. How exciting to have a new doctor in the family!

  11. Wow so proud to have a doctor in the house and what a future she has with her research ahead of her. Thanks for sharing all of her massive accomplishments and accolades- so glad you could “sit in” on her defense. That is awesome.

  12. Oh I am having such a hard time commenting tonight. So proud of her wonderful accomplishments and that you got to be part of it. I don’t want to say the exact same things just in case both publish but thanks for sharing all of her honors- that is marvelous.

  13. I would love to go to City Roots for coffee with Miss Aurora. Best of luck to Shanley Belle and Christopher as they head to Michigan. Another place for you to travel to!


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