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Best Roasted Chicken Recipe

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 Happy Saturday, My Lovelies!  

I love learning new things, and several years ago, I learned how to roast a chicken from the A Cup of Jo blog.  You can see the original recipe HERE.  

Last week, I was trying to share this with my daughter, and I mistakenly thought I'd posted/shared this recipe, but I had not.  So I decided the next time I roasted a chicken, I'd write a post so our daughters would have a record of it here on my blog.

What I love most about Jo's recipe is how easy it is, although it looks very, very impressive.  This recipe truly is easy enough for a weekday supper, yet impressive enough for a dinner party.

This is what you'll need to roast a chicken.  You will need kitchen twine, but don't let that discourage you.

Roasted Chicken Recipe


3-4 lb. free range chicken, giblets removed 
1 lemon, cut into quarters
3 cloves of garlic, peeled and crushed
5 sprigs of fresh thyme
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 T butter
1 T fresh thyme, chopped
1 T fresh rosemary, chopped
1 t garlic powder with parsley
1 t Herbes de Provence (thyme, basil, savory, fennel and lavender, purchased from Williams-Sonoma)
Salt and pepper


Rinse chicken under cold water and pat dry. According to Jo: "it is very important that you dry it well; any excess water will turn to steam in the oven and prevent the skin from getting nice and crispy."  She is correct!  Don't skimp on the paper towels.  

Insert lemon, garlic, sprigs of thyme and rosemary in the cavity of the bird, and tie the legs together with kitchen twine.  See!  Trussing a chicken is super-easy!

Rub the butter all over the skin of the bird. Any excess can be rubbed under the skin of the breasts.

Rub the dried herbs all over the bird, and then sprinkle the chopped herbs. Shake salt and a lot of pepper over it next.

Let chicken sit for one hour until it’s about room temperature. (Don't skip this step!  Good advice from Jo.)

While the bird is coming to room temperature, remove the middle rack in your oven and preheat to 450F. Place a 10-inch cast-iron skillet or roasting pan into the oven while it preheats.

When oven is ready carefully remove roasting skillet/pan, and place the chicken, breast side up, into the pan. Return pan to oven and roast for 45 minutes or until a meat thermometer reads 165F when inserted into the thickest part of the bird (the breast).

(Note: If you have a larger bird, you may need to increase the ingredients and roasting time.)

Oven-ready chicken

Yum!  Winner winner chicken dinner!

My family has enjoyed this recipe over the years.  I'm trying to encourage Shanley Belle to roast a chicken using this easy method.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Tonight will be sort of like an episode of Chopped as I do not feel like going back out in the snow to the store. Might go with chicken enchiladas. I can roast a chicken, but it isn't pretty when I carve it! ;)

  2. Your chicken looks divine! I'm having my leftover pepper soup that I made earlier this week.


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