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Library Adventures With Miss Candy Max #1

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Meet Miss Candy Max!

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!

I would like for you to meet Miss Candy Max.  She is the younger sisters of La Countess de Monet and Miss Square Peggy.  She enjoys running errands with me, and she especially likes to visit our little library with me.

But things are different now.

We can't go inside and look at books, nor can we check them out inside.  BUT I CAN GO TO A BAR AND ORDER A BEER!   :/

Miss Candy Max is way too much of a lady to go to a bar and order a beer.  She is more into volunteering, hence the candy stripes on her outer pockets.

In order to get a book at the library, Miss Candy Max and I have to log into our library account.  Then we choose the books we want to check-out from across the North Shelby County Library branches, put a hold on them, and then they are delivered to the Mt. Laurel Branch. 

Here are the entrances to our library.  One is locked, and the other is blocked!

This is the pick-up table.

When we pull-up to the library, I call the librarian and tell her I'm outside.  She makes sure that my books are out on the table.

The planters on the patio near the entrance are looking very pretty!

We checked-out the next installment in the Mitford Series, and also a pretty illustrated copy of The Secret Garden.

Miss Candy Max is the perfect size for the library because she is roomy enough to hold several books, yet not too isn't proper to hoard too many books!

What are your plans for the rest of the week?

Until next time...

Happy reading,
Ricki Jill


  1. I love your new bag Ricki Jill, great size and what a cute name! Life stopped making sense didn't it? Happy reading, the great escape!

  2. Love you can dive into books for your mental health during these times. Have a great rest if the day.

  3. A little bit of new normal! So glad your library has it all together!

  4. Oh I do think Miss Candy is lovely and just the right size to help you carry your books. Life seems surreal! Enjoy those library books.......we are looking forward to the weekend when we find a favorite old classic and pop popcorn and watch a movie.

  5. My library has kept me entertained with e-audobooks that I can borrow

  6. That is a gorgeous bag. The times we are in are surreal.


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