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Spring Is Here, and So Is Quarantine Nation

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hello, My Lovelies!

It's a beautiful spring day here in Central Alabama. 

Wow, so much has changed since my last post.

I never knew back in January how much my faith would be tested when I chose faith as my word of the year.  But I'm working on building my faith everyday through prayer and Bible study.  I hope all of you are coping well with the new normal.  I'm trying to stay home: I'm taking the social distancing suggestion seriously.

Today is Day 11 of Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread.  How are you?  

Two weeks ago, right before the fifteen day quarantine, I had a little procedure.  I got it in right under the gun, and I'm thankful for that.  I'm feeling much better, and I'm spending lots of time outside on our back patio enjoying the sunshine when I can.  I wish I could help people in need, but I can't because I have a compromised immune system, and I don't want to spread the virus to others especially if Trip brings it home from a hospital.

Three weeks ago we were in Baton Rouge helping Shanley Belle and Christopher do a few projects around their adorable cottage.  I'm very happy we were able to see them because Louisiana is one of the hardest hit states for the COVID-19 virus.  Shanley has had to work very hard converting her classes to online classes for her LSU students for the rest of the semester.  I already miss them, and I hope we can see them soon.

I can't tell you how thankful I am that Shelley moved home last year and enrolled in Starbuck's College Achievement Plan.  She is definitely ahead of the curve as she's been taking her courses online for a year now.  She is thriving, and she's still working.  Many first responders and healthcare workers have been driving through Starbucks to get their daily fuel, and I'm proud that she is helping the community in such an important way.  I'm hopeful they will be able to remain open and continue their best practices to keep everyone safe.

I miss church.  I miss communion.  I never thought there would ever come a time in the United States of American when I could not attend church.  I took it pretty hard, but our church is doing an excellent job with daily scripture readings, devotionals, and online church services.  This just shows how God provides: What would we do without the internet?

So what are you doing while you're stuck at home?

I thought I'd share with you what I've been doing, and then I thought you could give me some ideas in the comments section.

1.   I'm drinking lots of fluids, especially teas.  I've subscribed to Sips by and I am enjoying the tea selections each month.

The above selections are from February's box.  The Earl Grey is divine, and I really like the Miracle Tree Super Caffeinated, especially if I didn't sleep well.

I ordered the Lucky Tea Box for March.  I have not tried any of these yet:  The Driftwood Tea is fortune cookie flavored, and the Love Some Tea is green rainbow flavored.  Irish Breakfast is one of my favorite blends, so I'm confident I'll enjoy it.

2.   I'm reading a little everyday, and I'm trying to stick to feel-good books that aren't dystopic or depressing.  I will post a few suggestions tomorrow in my Literary Friday post.

Cozy mysteries are always fun.  This is a new one that a publisher sent me, and it's the first I've heard of this series.

3.   I'm drawing, and currently I'm drawing dogs of "Twitter Frens" (yes that's how they spell it over there).  I've been spending way too much time on Twitter reading about different possibilities about the virus because I'm certain it's cover for something.  This is unprecedented, and something is afoot.

This is the bulldog puppy of a Twitter fren, and his name is BOTUS, Bulldog of the United States.  He is so cute.  I hope I can do him justice because he has the prettiest coloring.

4.   Online courses: My intrepid art teacher is teaching painting and drawing classes online via ZOOM.  My first class is tomorrow, and I'm so happy about it.  Speaking of online, I really enjoy Khan Academy, especially the art history lessons.  I highly recommend them.  Also, several museums are offering online tours, and one of favorites is Florence's Uffizi Gallery.  

5.   I'm reading several books about house plants, and one of my first outings when we're ever set free from quarantine will be to my favorite local nursery.  I'm looking forward to purchasing new houseplants and pretty annuals for our garden, too.

This is our dining room currently.  I want to decorate for Easter next week.  

6.   I'm going to be sharing my daily book and tea pairing because it will give me something to focus on that's healthy.  I will definitely share on Instagram (I've been very silent over there lately) and maybe here, too.

This is yesterday's:

The pairing: Tart-tea to the Par-tea fruit punch flavored tea.  It's caffeine free, and it has hibiscus, apple, papaya, currants, elderberries, black currants, flavoring, raspberries, strawberries, sunflower,  and cornflower.
I'm also enjoying the book Herbs and Spices because there are so many wonderful and healthy recipes.

Our niece has earned her doctorate in physical therapy (DPT), and she found out last week that her graduation has been canceled.  Plus she won't be able to interview for a job.  Shelley's best friend was to be married this Saturday, March 28th.  My heart breaks for them and all the other young people missing out on proms, graduations, studying abroad, and weddings.  A local couple donated fifty thousand dollars worth of wedding flowers they would never use to help those in the event industry.  Florists put together posies and sold them (following social distancing, of course).  They sold out within an hour!

I can't even imagine those families who've lost loved ones to this virus and other illnesses.  They can't have funerals.  It's heart breaking.

Enough of the sadness.  There have been so many wonderful stories, and families are able to spend time together.  I've gotten quite a bit of joy watching the children in our neighborhood playing when they would normally be in school.  And it's nice to sleep-in without the early morning school buses waking us up!

Now it's your turn.  Please leave a comment and share with us how you've been spending your time during the Fifteen Days to Stop the Spread.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. Hi Ricki Jill. Glad your procedure went well and you got it done before the lock down. Oh enjoy that sunshine and being able to be outside in the privacy of your backyard. I only can walk Buddy here. No nice warmth or sunshine here yet to be outside soaking up sun. Hopefully in the next month we will be enjoying warmer temps and getting out in our backyards more. Stay safe and well. xoxo

  2. Ricki Jill, I love your visuals of your teas and your dailies. I am content with home activities, but definitely had my first case of a little anxiety when restocking at the grocery yesterday. I am not an anxious person, so I can only imagine what this virus is doing to the mental state of so many, esp those who have to be on the front lines. Take care, and keep the faith. Everything is working for good.

  3. Hi Ricki;
    Glad to hear you are doing okay. Yes it is a stressful and worrisome time. I am staying in and doing work around the house. Changing curtains and putting Spring and Easter tableclothes,pot holders,etc. I am reading "Linda Craig" series. It is about horses(a youth series).Also keeping up with magazines. I do not mind staying in. A homebody I am. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Nice hearing from you Rikki;
    I am staying in doors and ordering,groceries and other things on line. The only out door activity I am doing is walking around the house looking at the grass and Spring things coming up. The forsythia bush is all in bloom. One hyacinth made an appearance. I am reading "The History Of Ireland " by Malachy McCourt.
    Stay well

  5. Hello Friend,
    Sending prayers!!

    Sam is on Standby with the National Guard. So far they have helped with transportation and the medical units are helping at health care facilities.

    I started some seedlings, and they have popped up. I am so happy that it is feeling like Spring in Wisconsin, it helps.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. We are reading a lot and watching some television. We order our groceries on line. Getting to do things around the house that should have been done sooner. Bought some flower seeds and Pansy plants. The Pansy plant will not be delivered until April 17th. Hope to plant some of the seeds soon. We did clean and seed the front lawn. Stay well and safe. God bless.

  7. So glad you haven't had any complications from your surgery and that it's behind you...I am a homebody anyway, so except for the constant worry about the state of things, I am quite happy drawing, painting, reading and playing with dishes and home decor. I am so grateful to be at the beautiful and peaceful beach, with my son and his boys. Keeping the faith and a positive attitude will get us all through this, and yes my heart breaks for those who have to cancel major events and plans...I have often thought about how fortunate it was that Shanley was able to have her beautiful wedding. My daughter and her family moved into their new house 1 day before things began to shut down, so we are all thrilled about that!! Take care and sip tea!

  8. RJ, hope you are feeling much better now. Lovely flowers delicious teas. I am reading and dong a lot of organizing projects inside to stay busy. I have some allergies going on or I would be out working on the veranda but off limits now! Take care and be safe.......

  9. Some days are far more productive than others, that's for sure! I try to get out an walk every day, and a learning to be more patient with myself when I just dont feel like it!


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