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Literary Friday: The Wedding Bees

Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Literary Friday, My Lovelies!  This is the last book I'll share from my Christmas vacation.  During this month I've been sharing all four books I read during the holidays, and today I'm sharing The Wedding Bees by Sarah-Kate Lynch.  I read another book by Lynch during Christmas break a few of years ago entitled Dolci di Love.  It was very cute!

My Christmas break reading stack

According to Goodreads:

Sugar Wallace did not believe in love at first sight, but her bees did. . . .

Every spring Sugar Wallace coaxes her sleepy honeybee queen—presently the sixth in a long line of Queen Elizabeths—out of the hive and lets her crawl around a treasured old map. Wherever the queen stops is their next destination, and this year it's New York City.

Sugar sets up her honeybees on the balcony of an East Village walk-up and then––as she's done everywhere since leaving South Carolina––she gets to know her neighbors. She is, after all, a former debutante who believes that manners make the world a better place even if they seem currently lacking in the big city.

Plus, she has a knack for helping people. There's Ruby with her scrapbook of wedding announcements; single mom Lola; reclusive chef Nate; and George, a courtly ex-doorman. They may not know what to make of her bees and her politeness, but they can't deny the magic in her honey.

And then there's Theo, a delightfully kind Scotsman who crosses Sugar's path as soon as she gets into town and is quickly besotted. But love is not on the menu for Sugar. She likes the strong independent woman she's become since leaving the South and there's nothing a charmer like Theo can do to change her mind . . . only her bees can do that.

The Wedding Bees is a novel about finding sweetness where you least expect it and learning to love your way home. 

My Review:

Oh, how I love this book!  The cast of well-drawn, yet quirky characters all fall under Sugar's spell.  She is the perfect Southern Belle: smart, strong, charming, and polite.  Manners matter to her, so New York City had better take note and button-up because Sugar will set you straight....politely, of course!

I love the "cute-meet" between Theo and Sugar.  Both fall in love at first sight, but only Theo is willing to jump right in and begin a relationship he's certain will lead to marriage and a happy dotage.  Sugar, in spite of her feelings, wants none of that!  Fortunately for Theo, Queen Bee Elizabeth VI knows what's best for Sugar, and she's team Theo all the way.  Plus she has a hive who answers to her beck and call, and they lend support to the queen's cause.

I love the diverse characters in Sugar's building and her East Village neighborhood.  The supporting cast of characters provide delightful dialogue and hilarious situations.  I also love the idea that someone can keep bees in New York City and concoct all kinds of wonderful products and remedies in a tiny walk-up's kitchen.  

If you enjoy cute love stories with interesting characters (including a queen bee) who provide just enough conflict to keep the plot interesting, then you'll love The Wedding Bees.  This one is a keeper, and I highly recommend you find a copy this weekend, get cozy, and read it!  (Earl Grey tea with a spot of honey would pair perfectly with this sugary sweet book.)

Below is an affiliate link if you'd like to purchase the book.  Just click on the book cover!

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Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. I love a good romance and bees are included?? You know we have bee hives...
    sounds like a must read for me.
    :) gwingal

  2. Sounds sweet! I love that the Queen Bees are named Elizabeth.♥

  3. This sounds delightful! I don't know much about bees so I bet I'd learn, too. (Did you know Lizzie is named after the Queen and more often than not I call her Lilibet, the queen's childhood name?)

  4. This sounds so quirky and sweet! LOVE the honey jar, MKC? Haven't ever seen that, super cute!


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