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What I'm Reading Wednesday: HINT: It's Vintage and It's Scottish!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  Wednesdays are my favorite....I go to my art class, go to luncheons with my sorority sisters, shop.....Wednesdays are the *best*

I know y'all are *dying* to know what I'm reading this lovely Wednesday.  It's the latest book from my Prudence and the Crow vintage book subscription.

I love this subscription.  All the books come in their own little pouches.  So much fun!  Plus they always send tea and ephemera.  :D

Let's see what's inside......

Ooooo....Sarah's Cottage by D. E. Stevenson.  L@@K at the pretty cover!

I was very excited about this one because...

Recently married to Charles, Sarah is furnishing a cottage in Scotland and starting on a life in sharp contrast to their wartime experiences. They work together, collaborating on translations for a publisher, yet increasingly it is not books but life itself that engrosses him and Sarah.

Furnishing a cottage in Scotland?  Be still my heart!  If only it were illustrated.....


D. E. Stevenson (1892–1973), Dorothy Emily Peploe (married name) was a Scottish author of more than 40 light romantic novels. Her father was the lighthouse engineer David Alan Stevenson, first cousin to the author Robert Louis Stevenson.  (WOW!)

2009 saw a renewed interest in Stevenson's books with the reissue of two of her most popular novels, Mrs. Tim of the Regiment (from Bloomsbury) and Miss Buncle's Book (from Persephone Books). The sequel, Miss Buncle Married, was reissued by Persephone in 2011. 
(Bio from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

I've had several blog friends read Miss Buncle's Book recently, and all their reviews were positive!  I have this on my TBR list.

Have you subscribed to Prudence and the Crow?  You really should because it's some seriously fun snail mail.

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. These selections look like fun. I have been so busy, that I have only read two books this week! I might have to check these out.

  2. These look loads of fun. I'm into the vintage mystery series and that reminds me -- I have a Christmas one on the pile! I'd better move it to the top. Love their fun packaging.

  3. I am a vintage junkie but have never delved into the world of vintage books. Now you've got my interest. Going over to check out Prudence and the Crow :-)

  4. These books look so interesting.

  5. I have rad "The Listening Valley " by D.L. Stevenson. The book was wonderful.

  6. The book looks like something I would enjoy.

  7. These sound like fun reads for rainy autumn days. I have to go visit Prudence and the Crow! Have a a great weekend........


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