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Bedtime Stories

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Happy Wednesday, My Lovelies!  I have something important to share with you today.  We recently got a new bed, and the mattress has changed my life.  (More about that later....)

This is what our bed looked like before.  It's a queen, and now it's in our oldest daughter's room.

This is the bedding we used during winter.

We lightened the bedding in summer

This is our new standard king bed.  We bought it at Arhaus here in Birmingham.

It's very heavy because it's wrought iron.

The bed, although pretty, isn't why my life has been changed.  It's because of the mattress and the base that lifts it so when Mr. Sketchy Reader snores, I can lift him up with a remote control and he stops!  

I'm sleeping now.

Many of you have asked me over the years how I find the time to read.  I had time when I waited on my daughters and their activities.  I've waited hundreds of hours on them to finish lessons.

And I didn't sleep well...rarely did I sleep well.

When I couldn't sleep I read.

I'm a book blogger, and now I have a big problem because I'm sleeping!  I'm sleeping!!!  

If you don't have a bed that's tailored to you and your needs, you truly need to do something about it.  You spend a third of your life in bed (or at least that's the recommended amount of sleep for a healthy life), so why not invest in a bed that encourages sleep?

Bedding Resources:

Bed:  Arhaus
Mattress:  Beautyrest Memory Foam with Black Ice (Scarlett Plush Model)
Bedding:  Peacock Alley, except:
Waterfall linen coverlet:  Pinecone Hill
Teal Watercolor Stripe Body Pillow:  Shabby Chic

These bedtime stories are being neglected because I'm sleeping so well!  I'm hoping to blog about a couple of these after the first of the year (this is one of my TBR piles).

I wish we'd bought this bed and mattress sooner.  

Are you an insomniac, or do you sleep like a baby every night?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I received an email saying there's a problem with my comments box. This is a test.

  2. Hi Ricki
    So nice to meet you too! The bed frame is gorgeous! I don't sleep well either but I think that is age related! How wonderful that your life has changed because of your mattress. The bedding is gorgeous too - it would make anyone want to crawl in and stay!

  3. I would love a king size bed but our bedroom isn't big enough for one, your bedroom looks nice a big

  4. Hi RJ,
    I love love your bed. It is gorgeous. I have a sleep number bed and love mine. I never slept well until we got this bed a few years ago. That is the most important piece of furniture in the house and you should get something comfy that helps you rest and get a good nights sleep. That bedding is right up my alley. Love that bedspread. So pretty.

  5. Your new bed is gorgeous! Glad to hear that you are getting your sleep!

  6. Oh Ricki Jill, love it all, the bed and the bedding! Your bedroom was pretty before but gorgeous now. So glad you are sleeping well now. I have both, some nights sleep like a baby but on some nights I'm reading too........

  7. Oh my goodness, I want that bed!! It is stunning! More importantly, I want that mattress. We have been talking about getting a new one for so long....the one we are sleeping on is 21 years old. We have two pillow mattresses on top of it to make it comfortable. I just needed a good review on a new mattress because there are just too many out there to choose from. So, thank you!!! I will be talking to my husband about this.

  8. You will love PARIS (Rutherfurd). I think it was my favorite of the ones I've read by him. I love how he winds the characters and stories together. And I'm reading McCullough's Greatest Journey. The new bed is gorgeous -- looks fabulous and extra fun about the controls. But those are awfully big books for a woman who is now sleeping!

  9. How cozy!
    congratulations on being able to sleep..take advantage of that, it's a blessing:)
    I'm usually asleep about ten minutes after I get in takes me forever to finish a book now!

  10. Your bed is gorgeous and your mattress sounds like a complete dream! Arhaus has some amazing furniture, so glad you are sleeping!

  11. Ricki, I love your new bed. It is so glamorous. Glad to have a recommendation for a mattress. We need a new one badly. I wake up with a backache every morning and have been putting off the process.
    I've read The Greatest Journey and Paris by Rutherfurd but not McCollough's Paris. I know it has to be great because he is such a good writer.
    Glad you are sleeping well. Sweet dreams.

  12. Oh my! It really is fabulous! The bedding is just gorgeous. I read this post a few days ago and then guess what? I dreamed about it! I really did! I sleep good most every night and I always remember my dreams. And I am so impressed with the bedding that it has been on my mind. It's been a long time since I had something new. Sweet hugs!


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