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Literary Friday: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories: Nancy's Mysterious Letter

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Literary Friday!  Thanks for joining me for the second Nancy Drew Literary Friday!  I'm featuring a different Nancy Drew book each Friday during the month of October.  

In this installment, our favorite sleuth learns from her mailman while he's en route to her home that she's receiving a letter from London.  Nancy is intrigued, and since it's a very cold day, she invites Ira the mailman inside for hot cocoa.  He leaves his mailbag in Nancy's foyer, and someone steals the letters from his bag.  Thats a federal offense!  Nancy is so disappointed because now she may never know who sent her the letter.  Ira remembers who sent it, and Nancy contacts a London law firm and is disappointed to learn it was erroneously sent to her as there's another Nancy Drew who's been left a large inheritance!  It's a case of mistaken identity.  

As Nancy attempts to locate the whereabouts of the other Nancy Drew, her boyfriend Ned tells her that there's a Nancy Drew at Emerson College serving as the drama coach.  Perfect timing because Nancy and her friends Bess and George all have dates to an Emerson College football game and fraternity dance.  One thing that's shocking about this book re-reading it as an adult is that the girls spend the night at the fraternity house!  WTH?  That's NO WAY to get a Zeta bid at the University of Alabama, ladies!  :/  Looking back on it I think one of the reasons I probably liked this book is the weekend at the college, the dance, Nancy's dress, and Nancy's errand to the jewelry store to repair her pearls before the trip.

I also loved the independence Nancy has in her convertible.  And in this book, she shows Ned Nickerson that she can parallel park better than he!  Got to love her!  There's also lots of danger in this installment.  The bad guy and his minions try at least four times to cause Nancy bodily harm.  The other Nancy Drew is no slouch, either.  She leaves a coded missive written entirely of Shakespearean quotes.  I must have been a sophisticated little squirt as this one was a favorite.  

This is a very pretty cover.  I love how her pretty raspberry pink suit matches the postage stamp!

I hope you're enjoying my Nancy Drew posts.  I know I'm having way too much fun!  

Until next time...

Happy reading!
Ricki Jill


  1. Oh my gosh...I loved Nancy Drew! I was just going to say that The Hidden Staircase was in my room until I left home and now I see it in your sidebar. I have to go and see what you have to say about that one! Keep sharing, you make me want to read them all over again! How fun!

  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying these so much..more, more!!

  3. Loads of fun. I'm so glad you are bringing these back to life for me. Last summer I re-read Secret (Mystery?) of the Old Clock, which I think was the first. Now I need to pursue that more!

  4. I don't think I ever read any Nancy Drew...I thought I had but I must have been thinking about the Bobbsey Twins. This one sounds so old fashioned and cute!

  5. I LOVED Nancy Drew Mystery Books, I think I read almost every one, many years ago. YOur post brought some good memories to mind, thank you!!!


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