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Atlanta Field Trip

Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Monday, My Lovelies!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend unlike our brothers and sisters in Texas.  They really need our prayers now and help soon.

Last week, Shelley and I went on a fun field trip to Atlanta shopping.  We mainly went to art supply stores like Dick Blick and Binders.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip:

Shelley and I decided to make fun little art journals commemorating our field trip.  These are made with luggage tags and binder rings.  Judith Cassel-Mamet has a fun video tutorial on how to make these HERE.
The photos above are Shelley's tag journal.

The photos above are of my tag journal.

Shelley and I enjoyed Dick Blick even though the Atlanta store is much smaller than the one in Chicago near the Art Institute.  We liked how organized the store was.  It was very tidy, and the clerks were knowledgeable and helpful.

I bought these Caran d'Ache sketch pencils that supposedly don't show-up in photography.  I thought this would be great for art journaling because I don't mind looking at guidelines in my journals, but they probably aren't Instagram-worthy.  I hope I like them!

Shelley bought rice paper at Dick Blick because she wanted a few custom pencil cups for her dorm room.  We used 7Gypsies ribbon to trim-out the cups.  Actually, we used tin cans for this project.

I like the paper Shelley chose.  Her dorm room is mostly pinks and reds with gold accents.

My favorite stop was the cutest Indie bookstore, A Cappella Books!
Look what I bought:

I cannot WAIT to read this one!

The helpful staff at A Cappella Books recommended The Mothers because I love Joshilyn Jackson's books, and Jackson loves this book.

Shelley has made several DIY projects for school, and the one above is my favorite.  It's a flower garland, and I love the paper.

Tomorrow is move-in day at Shelley's college.  I will go to my art class and paint most of the day Wednesday, and Thursday morning I shall have coffee in bed while reading this:

Please come back Friday for a very special Literary Friday post.  The featured memoir is about a family split apart by the Berlin Wall.

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. What a fun trip and I LOVE the tags/journal you created with your finds. Thank you for your prayers for Texas.We have both friends and family members near the Texas coast. They know our doors here at Storybook Cottage are open to them. The rain has stopped today but due to start up again and we are specifically praying that the levees hold.

  2. RJ, how nice you and Shelley have so much fun doing her school projects together. Love all the pretty art supplies. Wow, those tin cans look spectacular! My favorite here is Shelley's flower garden, that is so sweet!

  3. When I am reincarnated I think I want to come back as your kid! You do the most fun things together! I am pinning Shelley's little pencil organizers because we are working on my studio/garage, and when I get to the cute stuff, I definitely need to fix up the plain coffee canisters which are currently holding my pencils! I am painting a lingerie chest I bought a few weeks ago to hold all my sewing paraphernalia, and when I get that upstairs where it belongs, I have several cabinets out there to paint. We got AC/heat/dehumidifer plus two great ceiling fans, so it is getting much better as a place to work. You will have to come see when I am done!

  4. Looks like a fun trip for you and your daughter. Good luck to Shelley as she returns to school.

  5. Oh my goodness, those are the cutest pencil cups I have ever seen!! I hope she has a great year at school and you don't miss her too much! xo

  6. Looks to me like you & Shelley had a nice trip! I see she has her mom's artist ability...lucky girl!

  7. The tag journal is adorable...I would love to try to make one of those! And I love the flower garland. I would have to cut out a lot of flowers though! lol Love all the pretty colors that you like...and I like too! Hugs, Diane

  8. That tag journal is so intriguing! I am so curious. I guess I need to hop over and watch the video tutorial you mentioned. I really love the looks of it.
    :) gwingal

  9. What a fun trip! ATL is a great place for shopping and wishful thinking. Love the pencil cups and now I wish I hadn't tossed my rice paper.

  10. I love the thought of you enjoying a shopping trip with your daughter and Atlanta is so much fun. Great that you enjoy decorating and creating together. The cups are so pretty. The trim is especially nice.
    I chuckled at Scribber's comment liking to come back as your kid. I do think it would be nice, too.

  11. It looks like a lot of fun Ricki Jill, and you both have such a soft romantic fairytale style. I know you will lap up Daphne's Diary...What is a Caran d'Ache sketch pencil with blue lead? I just got the Sept Sketch Box, because I forgot to stop my subscription, 😳 , and it's full of pencils which I NEVER use, uggggh! the desk cans turned out really cute!

  12. What fun and artful trip! I just love everything about her garland! The colors and pattern are so pretty together. Her pencil cup holders are pretty as well. xoxo Su

  13. Hi,
    What a fun trip.
    I love the garland! I want one. :-) I already told you that on IG!

  14. Dick Blick. Be still my heart! The Chicago store is the best, isn't it? Love it. I'm needing a good roadtrip!

    The pencil cups are wonderful -- great papers and the tag books really cute. Haven't done a tag journal in a long while. And thanks for the Daphne video. I don't have that issues -- and I need it. Her flower painting is such an inspiration for me and I love all the cut outs and extras she includes! Happy week from your new follower!

  15. What a great trip the two of you had. Enjoy your time my friend.


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