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Changes in the Family Room

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Thursday, My Lovelies!  I've been working on redecorating our family room.  We replaced most of the furniture and added a rug.

This is what our living room looked like before:

We had a large sofa, chair, and ottoman.  We also had a large English country coffee table and end table.

Here is the after:

We no longer have a chair and ottoman, only a smaller sectional.  The sofa was a compromise.  each end has motors.  Yep!  There are electric recliners on each end, which require a smaller coffee table if both ends are in the reclining position.  The sofa is from Macy's.

Cold weather pillow covers from Sundance.

I love the unusual coffee table.  It is much heavier than it looks with its steel base.  The coffee table is from West Elm, and the ceramic vase is from Shabby Chic.

I also restyled the bookcases.  Only decorating and gardening books are on these shelves.

The carpet has more gold in it than is showing in the photos.  Rug is from Anthropologie.

Mustang Sally and Finlay don't like the new sofa.  The motors scare Finlay!

My favorite Flora Doora

Artwork, above, from White Flowers
Artwork, below, one of my own mini paintings

The marble box contains our numerous remote controls.  The salvaged wood coasters are from Dryads Dancing.

Other side of fireplace.  History books are on this side of the room along with the girls' high school senior portraits.

And in case your wondering: art books are in the art studio, all cookbooks are in the kitchen, and fiction in the library/classroom.  It's nice to have my books organized!

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. With your little poochies, the leather will probably be more practical. Since they don't like it, maybe they will stay off it? I liked your room before, too, because it was so full of light, but the new version is pretty, too. I especially like your rug. My in-laws bought a sofa similar to yours also in white leather which reclines on both ends, and they love it.

  2. It all looks so fresh and pretty...the sofa and rug are gorgeous!

    Warm hugs,

  3. I love the new looks. The rug is so pretty. You may have to get a new doggie bed for the doggies to use in the room. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. My husband and kids love the idea of leather, they are campaigning hard for those motorized recliners, too!! It looks great. I love the color! Enjoy it.

  5. I absolutely LOVE your new look, Ricki! It is a lot 'brighter' and more modern looking to me but still retains a warm, family feel. I ADORE that rug!!!! Would have one like it in a heartbeat.
    You did a great job pulling the room together--now you can enjoy it! xo Diana

  6. Sadie is jealous of the CC bed! '-)
    Fun to see your living room with the new look. Looks comfy! I need to get my books organized again. I pretty much have decor books in the living room, gardening books in the sun room, etc. but some have migrated and all needs attention again.
    Enjoy your day!

  7. It all looks so pretty. Love the new sofa. Makes the room feel so much larger. Love all the light you get in this room too. Mustang Sally and Finlay are so adorable. Love seeing their sweet faces. Have a great rest of the week.

  8. Hi RJ, your LR was lovely before but I am in love with the new sofa and table. It is gorgeous and I think the rug has such pretty colors. Love all of your art work, especially the girls! I'm sure the fur babies will get use to the motor noise and they will be on the sofa with you.
    Enjoy the weekend RJ.........Hugs.

  9. Ricki, Your new sofa, coffee table and rug are fabulous. I love the colors in the rug. Very pretty. You have been a busy girl moving furniture and styling shelves. Shelves really take time but they look very nice.
    Love your marble box and pretty roses and vase.

  10. It looks beautiful! I love the new sofa and the rug is fabulous. You did a great job!

  11. The room looks beautiful Ricki Jill, I love all the white and the soft pastels. The shelves look great, very artistic! You are lucky to have so many places for your vast collection of books, and I know you are thrilled to have them organized. Love your new sofa!! You are going to enjoy those recliners! The poochies look depressed!

  12. Beautiful! My oh my, your portraits of the girls are lovely. I love the art, the books, I love it all.

  13. What a lovely redo! The sofa looks pretty comfy!!! I like how you have organized your bookshelves...I've actually gone back a few times to look again... I desperately need to organize some bookshelves but I think I need new bookcases! Your pups are so sweet! enjoy the rest of the week!

  14. White leather!! How beautiful. I love the way you took leather furniture and made the whole room come together in such a pretty way. Your style is pretty feminine and mixing that leather looks great!

  15. I really love what you have done here. I like that your library has a garden and decorating section. I also like how you used so many sources to pull it together. I didn't realize you had a new addition! In addition to kitties, I have the two poodles and my daughter's pug now. Esther the pug is a bit of a handful, but she really is motivated by treats, and is starting to do better than Madeline who is only motivated by attention. xoxo Su

  16. You have excellent taste and everything is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


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