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Art @ Home First of the Year Update

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello, My Lovelies!  I am so happy to have all the Christmas put away.  It took several days because I organized everything a wee bit better than last year.  I actually like the way our house looks once everything is put away and most of our surfaces are clear.  I'm thinking about paring down our decor all over the house (with the exceptions of art and books, of course).

Nothing but a large flower frog on our dining room table 

Breakfast room table

On January 3rd we moved Shelley from one dorm to another: She wants to be closer to friends she's met since school started.  We've been busy fluffing that dorm room, and it's different from her previous one.  I'll be posting photos of her new room in a few days.  Thankfully the day we moved her in was warm (shorts and t-shirt weather) and it was raining.  But what a difference just a few days make because by Friday, January 6th, we were enjoying an ice and snow storm.  Welcome to winter in Alabama!

Mustang Sally is ready for the cold weather in her GAP sweater Santa brought.

Someone special recently celebrated a birthday.  Can you guess who?

If you guessed Finlay, you're right!  He's 3!  The cute plates are a Christmas present from Mr. Art @ Home.

Shanley Belle made some cupcakes to celebrate the snow day.  They were fantastic, and she used a recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.

These cupcakes had a surprise filling of sprinkles and colored sugar.

In between putting away, cleaning, and moving, I have been reading a few online decorating articles and looking at Pinterest boards.  Here is some inspiration I enjoyed:  Here's How the Kids from Harry Potter Would Decorate their Grown-Up Homes.

One of my favorites: Harry and Jenny's adorable cottage.

(Image credit: Keltainen Talo Rannalla)

What is inspiring you these days?

Until next time...

Ricki Jill


  1. I did the same thing you did this year-I took my time sorting things out and putting them away. I also got rid of a bunch of stuff that I don't really need anymore. I have been parceling Christmas out to my kids for the past few years and have gotten rid of about at least 1/2 of my Christmas stuff--which is (was) extensive.

    I am glad it was nice weather to move your sweet girl into a new dorm room. Can't wait to see it all fluffed up. I bet it is darling.

    Happy Birthday to your three year old boy! I bet he loved all he attention. xo Diana

  2. I loved every picture! All of your dishes are so pretty and I love that charming room. Lovely...

  3. I love your home! We need to continue paring through our belongings which are mostly in boxes at this point in time. What a mess!

  4. You have inspired me! We plan on calling the 1 800 Got Junk people at the end of the month and clearing out both garages and basement. We used them when my husband sold his office and had to clean out years of crap in the basement, they do all the work for you, recycle, donate, and throw away everything for you and leave a clean space! Can't wait! I was very bad putting my xmas away, just crammed everything back in place instead of purging old...a must do next year! All your MKC pieces have me drooling!

  5. I am with you on liking everything put away and a clear slate to start the new year. Happy birthday to Finley. 😘

  6. I always feel so good when all the Christmas decorations are put away. Like you, a little e more organized this year with cleaning our old things I'll never use again. I love the clean uncluttered look after the holidays. Beautiful MacKenzie-Childs pieces and the patterns look so perfect for January. Adorable Finlay plates, such a special gift, Happy Birthday Finlay! Cupcake looks way to pretty to eat and I'm happy to hear Shelly's move is behind you.

  7. Those salt and pepper dogs are so bloody cute

  8. I enjoyed this post, it just made me smile. I love your family. You celebrate together, and that is special to me.
    I am excited to see the dorm room.
    Happy Birthday to that sweet heart of yours. ;-) I have a feeling he had a good day.

  9. The notion of decluttering is inspiring me some. However, that push happened AFTER the snowman collection went up in place of holiday decor. I think I have decided that they can only stay until January 31st this year (despite their season lasting much longer). Granted some of this decision had to do with pulling a Valentine item from my grandmother's basement yesterday, and I don't want to miss putting out some hearts....luckily I don't have anywhere near the quantity of flair for that holiday. Would you believe that the candy situation has gotten to the point here where I have had to organize THAT twice! (baked with some yesterday)

    I am so happy to see that there were friends made worth moving closer to!!!! <3

  10. What cute cupcakes! I love the inside! I really like the concept of homes for grownup book characters. That's cool. What a cute cottage. xoox Su

  11. The cupcakes look decadent! Love you rMC pieces too.
    I am really in the nesting mood putting away Christmas and trying to clean out closets, drawers, garage. I see progress but have much left to do.


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